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Testimonial - 1


Hi Planet Ayurveda,

I have been taking treatment for my son for his eczema from Dr.Vikram Chauhan sir. We are very happy with the treatment and found a lot of improvement in his condition. His eczema started since he is 4 months old and was spread all over body. Now it has reduced a lot. Vikram Sir replies us promptly with the treatment. We would like to whole heartedly thank Planet Ayurveda for the treatment and best medicines. Hope my son get cured of eczema completely.



Testimonial - 2



Allopathic treatment has become business nowadays. They pay more attentions towards money instead of treatment. Which involves a lot of expenditure. Tests involves huge expenditure, what would I tell you? Ayurvedic system is the oldest form of treatment as per my knowledge. so we believed in this and results are in front of you. Psoriasis is all cleared. Read More...

Testimonial - 3



In November her whole body was full with rashes of black color, up to her feet and her skin got very rough. So we searched online and came to know about Dr. Vikram. After treatment, her total body has become completely clean, earlier her whole body used to be covered. Now she has very little scars on her neck and elbows, lots & lots of improvement. Read More...

Testimonial - 4



It's been three months. I started taking medicine in May 2012 and my condition is about 99 % cured. And doctor has suggested me to take treatment for three more months and it will be all cured and will not reoccur again. I am very happy and want all patients of psoriasis to come know this is my message to the patient they should at least once check in the internet and get the consultancy once by Dr. Chauhan if they can't meet him up they should call him. Read More...

Testimonial - 5



I want to say that come to Planet Ayurveda and consult Vikram sir. Their result is very good. Read More...

Testimonial - 6



If anyone having their child diagnosed with atopic dermatitis should visit Planet Ayurveda once. We got very good response from the medicines and from Dr. Vikram also. Medicines are very effective and her condition is lot better now. Read More...

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