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Testimonial - 1

Dr Chauhan,

Two or three months ago, my sister spent 3 weeks at the hospital. She has diabetes type 2 and got swelling problem. I was looking at the internet and found your website. I ordered the "Punarnava Mandoor" for her. After taking one bottle no more swelling and she said now she can see clearly. Everyone here is very happy because most of the time she was at the hospital. She went back to North Carolina (NC) and told me she got an order for her diabetic neuropathy. I went to my haitian church, explained that and gave your 2 websites. You will see people in Georgia (GA) order for diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

I have 2 questions Dr Chauhan. I ordered the "Amla Saar" can my daughter 14 years old can also drink it? and most of the time I wear contacts because my glasses are very thick (-7). Do you have a remedy to help me with that please?

Thank you for your time.

Marie Garline Morisset
Date: 09-08-2013

Testimonial - 2

Hello Dr.Vikram Chauhan,

I just want to give update about the results of your medicine usage, I feel more energy full, want to walk more and more physical activity, my constipation almost finished and also my English medicine for diabetes decrease from 6mg tab to 2mg tablet once a day, because may be your medicine have lowering glucose effect as well, now I want to switch to your diabetes medicine slowly.
Please prescribe.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan
Scotland U.K

Testimonial - 3

This is a video testimonial by Mr. Robert in response to Dr. Meenakshi's video about Home remedies for Diabetes.

Testimonial - 4

Dear Team,

The diabeties medicine for pancreas is excellent and in one month has brought reading down from 8.6 to 7.7 in ONE MONTH.

I TAKE THE LIVER MEDICINE for fatty liver and feel really well.

So pleased we discovered you.


Mr. and Mrs. Hancock


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