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Testimonial - 1

Hello Sir,

We are thankful to you. We are very happy to say that our mother's health has improved a lot after using the Arjuna Capsules, Total Heart Support and Arjuna Tea. Only one thing to ask is can we stop the english medicines and continue the ayurvedic medicines only.

Thanking You once again sir


Padmaja & Madan Mohan Reddy

Testimonial - 2


I suffered a severe pneumonia attack on November 28th, 2015. Along with that began my heart problems. My nephew, Prince Kaushal was already seeking treatment from him and he asked me to visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan and said he's a very nice doctor and is famous internationally. I came to him in February, 2016. He examined my pulse and diagnosed the blockages. He told me that these blockages will be cleared in 3 months. I took these medicines till May. On May 2nd, 2016 I, underwent angiography. The doctor who diagnosed my problem earlier said that I had multiple blockages and would have to undergo a bypass surgery. But, when my angiography reports came, the doctor jumped in joy to see my blockages had completely cleared. He said it's a miracle. Read More...

Testimonial - 3


I'd like to say, everyone should adopt Ayurveda not allopathic for any treatment. Read More...

Testimonial - 4


I want to tell that my arteries, veins have started getting clean and heart has started to gain the strength. When I was admitted to the hospital there was 75% blockage in my vein and due to which the blood circulation was not proper. Now, blockage in the veins have started to clear. I had chronic pain and now it is gone over the time. Blood circulation is better, my heart is getting stronger. Read More...


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