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Planet Ayurveda offers effective herbal remedies in combo pack from its house, called Revive Kidneys Pack that make excellent herbal treatment for kidney failure. This entire herbal kit contains 4 herbal remedies namely, Mutrakrichantak Churna, Renecure Formula, Varunadi Vati and Punarnava Mandoor. Herbs in herbal kit such as Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Varun (Crataeva nurvala), Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris), Haridra (Curcuma longa), and Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) etc. helps to improve kidney functions and balance creatinine, urea and other electrolytes in range. They are quite effective and result giving when taken with recommended diet. Revive Kidneys Pack need to take for 1 month minimum to see positive changes.

Testimonial - 1

Dear Vikram Sir,

We feel very happy that, My father Serum Creatinine came down to 5.3. Please find below my father Blood report status

Test Name 17/02/2016 3/2/2016 22/01/2016 11/1/2016
Serum Creatinine 5.3 6.9 8.9 8.2
Blood Urea 79     122
Hemoglobin 9.5     11.2
ESR 1st Hr 142 mm     1st Hr 98 mm
Urine for Spot Proriens 364 388 464 229

Sir we started using Ayurveda medicine from 27th Jan onwards.

Yours Sincerly
Ramesh Buridi

Testimonial - 2

Dr Vikram,

Thank you for your kindness to me, Fortunately,I am not Diabetic,I was told my renal failure was caused by long term untreated high blood pressure! At present I express very little urine daily, I hope your treatment will correct that.,
I started your treatment today, and I do not know if its my imagination I had three hours of dialysis today and I do not feel tired tonight, I normally come home shattered!
I appreciate the time you give me.

Kindest regards,
Jim Aherne,
P.S I wish you had a centre in U.K.
Unfortunately the E,U and U.K are making things difficult for Alternative people.

Testimonial - 3

Special Instructions: Thank you for carrying this product. It has brought my Mom's creatnine levels down.


Testimonial - 4

Last time I purchased the advanced stages pack the last two weeks of the month just before they had taken my blood at dialysis and that's when I began to think that my results wouldn't be very good.

I was wrong.and saw tremendous results. These are definitely unexpected results from the advanced stages pack. I thank you very much for developing these wonderful products.

William - USA

Testimonial - 5


You will be pleased to know that my BUN is down to 14 and my Creatinine is down to 0.9 My filtration rate went from 41 to 62 which means all is now perfectly normal....I give credit to G0D first and to your Herbs second.....I recommend them both to everyone who needs help with their Kidney Failure.....I would never have found your web site if not for answered prayer....

Thank you so much

Testimonial - 6


Dear all,

Recently (19.05.2012) I purchased 3 packs of MUTRAKRICHANTAK CHURNA. (And I had purchased 1 pack before). EMS/POD/AWB No. EP 168148360IN - 209

Here is a feedback I would like to give you:
It was intended for my mother who is 89 Years old and was suffering of a kind of Kidney failure where the CREATINE level in her blood rised to 5.4 and high levels of UREA skyrocketed .

The Allopathic medicines did not do her well and worsened her physical status like having the need of womiting, feeling loos in her legs etc. etc....

What we did was to cut this allopathic medicine and switch to MUTRAKRICHANTAK CHURNA.

Started as prescribed 1 teaspoon in lukewarm milk twice a day.

Starting date 23.04.2012 and took blood sample again on 29.05.2012 outcome of the analysis was that CREATINE dropped back to 1.8 and UREA dropped back abt 45%.

And most important ; Her attachment to LIFE has become positive as it was before.


She is still taking MUTRAKRICHANTAK CHURNA regularly and I Shall report to you
with the outcome of her next blood sample analysis.

A big thanks to all of you out there !!!

Kind regards

Testimonial - 7


Dear Doctor Sir,

First of all I am placing my very Sincere Thanks at your Golden Feet. No words at all to praise .

From the date of using your Herbal combination my father`s (P.S Durai, 65 yrs old) health is gradually improving day by day.

The creatinine level fall down from 9.5 to 5.4 within 1 and half months and urea from 300 to 90.

Now my father is actively doing all his works, and even he is riding two wheeler.

The detailed Blood Test reports are attached (15-5-12 and 10-6-12) for your kind perusal.

Can i get a golden opportunity to talk to your good self over phone ?

Expecting your wise advice.

Yours Faithfully
Krishna Kumar - Kanchipuram (South India)

Testimonial - 8

Hello Dr. Vikram,

Thank you for the Kidney pack.

The last test I took last week Monday, showed that my creatinine level had dropped to 1.3g/dL

I wish to place another order for another pack. Although I still have a cup each of the smaller tins.

What I want to ask is that, I just observed that I have been having tinnitus lately. It worries me, but I am writing to ask if this is related to the side effect of these herbal medicine.

Also should I still continue with the complete kidney pack in my subsequent order, since I do not have diabetic, HBP and no injury in my Kidneys. Besides all the pains seem to have completely gone off my abdominal cavity.

My vision has suddenly become normal and I do not use glasses again. The weight I used to have gone.

I feel better but my target is for the creatinine level to crash to 0.6g/dL

Please advise please.

Newman O. Omigie
Deajeon, South Korea

You are highly favoured!!!!

Testimonial - 9

Hi doctors, my mother has kidney failure, but since I found out about your medicine, I try the revive kidneys pack for the past 3 months , the kidney starts working better every month, thank you for your herbals medicine, now I buy only your herbs, because I believe they good stuff , because my mother suppose to start dialysis, and she doesn't anymore because of your herbs she has been taking.

Jeremiah Desrosiers

Testimonial - 10

Hi, Dr. Viram Chauhan.

My name is Rithy Thang. I'm 41 year old, currently I have a kidney problem. before I took your herb, my CREATININE was 3.68, after I took your herb, now it's 3.03. I'm very excite about this. It took me more than a year and my doctor keeps telling me to do dialysis but I keep postpone. I'm believing in herb. and I did take a lot of Chinese herbs but it didn't help. I did order and will order more from your website. I wish it will heal. so far I'm happy with the result. You guys are miracle.

Again, Thank you so much - Long Beach- California

Testimonial - 11

Dear Dr Vikram

I can't thank you enough, Mutrakrichantak Churna works. See attached before and after lab tests.
I was told by a Nephrologist that my kidneys where at 60% of normal function and there was nothing he could do.
He just chalked it up to me getting older I am 65.
I started taking Mutrakrichantak Churna on 3/26/15 and waited until 5/6/15 to get my test done.
When I saw the test results I was in awe, I didn't really think it was going to work. Boy, was I wrong, all my numbers are now within normal range.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Testimonial - 12

Dr. Meenaxi and Dr. Vikram:

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude for all of your helpful consultation/advice towards myself and my family's health. Your herbs have not only proven to be extremely beneficial, but have given me such a great sense of energetic peace within.

The Arogayavardhni Vati and Sanjivani Vati have and continue to do an excellent detoxing job on my liver...and it has only been two (2) months since I started. I had such a problem with my digestive system and losing weight. My bloating has gotten much better, and my stomach almost never distends now after meals. My skin is now supple, soft, smooth, and has such a healthy glow. For several years now, I had lost the feeling to "Dance for the Emperor" (a phrase I use when I am feeling the most happiest) ... and now, I not only feel to "Dance for the Emperor" but also do flips and cartwheels for him

I think it is fair that I take the time out to let you both know how grateful I am for all that you have done for me. I shall continue to refer you and your company to others who are able to benefit from your wonderful work.

Thank you again and ... Namaste!

Feel free to use me as a testimonial

  Click here to see my previous report

  Click here to see my current report

I have two questions ,1 is there any chance of getting your products in the USA? 2, How long is the self-life of the Mutrakrichantak Churna.
I want to order as much as I can afford so I don't run out.

Gratefully Yours
Dennis Fadden

Testimonial - 13


Dear Doctor Chauhan,

I have taken your prostate formulas for 2 months with good results.
Have a friend that had excellent results with your Kidney formulas.
I am impressed with the quality of your products
I am wondering if you see patients in the USA.
Do you visit the New York area?
Do you need help with distribution?

Yours in Good Fortune,

Testimonial - 14

Dear Sir,
My mother take ur medicine 8 months by prescribing you & below this medicine continuie 15 days
Rencure formula cap-(1 bottle)-1 morning 1 evening
Saralghan vati-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Trinpanchmool tab(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Varunadhi vati-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Phyllanthus cap-(1 bottle)-1 morning 1 evening
Neeri tab-(120 tab)-2 morning 2 evening
Arjun tea-(1 bottle/)-1 cup morning 1 evening
Punarnava mandoor-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Cardorium plus-(1 bottle)-2 spoon daily evening
Rextone -(1 bottle)-2 spoon daily
she suffering diabetics 25 years
after taking ur medicine urine flow just increase & diabetic is totally normal
she take insulin 3 times but after continuing ur medicine insulin totally stopped
fbs 90
rbs 110
before 2 months urea 117 & creatine 9.8
now urea 103 Creatine 8.2 h/b 11.8
dilosys once a week
diabetics totally controlled but bp is not controlled
take divya mukta vati 2 tab twice daily with allopathic bp tab but not controlled
plz suggested me the ayurvedic bp medicine

Thanks & Regards
Ramya Ranjan Sahoo

Testimonial - 15

You will be pleased to know that Jim's most recent blood test has astonished the Doctors!! At our last visit a week ago, the Nephrologist could say was "I don't understand this!!" and ended with "whatever you are doing, keep doing it". As far as we are concerned he will never understand as we will offer no explanation except - prayer does wonders.

Many thank you's and grateful and abudant blessings, Mary.

MARY & JAMES - Florida, USA

Testimonial - 16

Chronic kidney disease

I am sufferring from CKD since 3years. So As long as I am using the medicines, my health is good with just minor issues like a mild water retention in the body and bloating sometimes.

Ur medicines are a life saver for me. Thanks for the wonderful meds.



Testimonial - 17

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that my father is taking the medicines from 10 days. As communicated by you earlier he is continuing the allopathic medicines too. He is giving a gap of 30-40 minutes between allopathic and ayurvedic.

The creatinine levels as on last friday was 8.3 compared to 12.2 10 days back. Thanks to Planet ayurveda hopefully the medicines are working.



Testimonial - 18

Dear Miss Sharma,

Thank you so much for the follow up email.

My mother has started taking the Ayurvedic medications from the 15th of February. We will be doing her blood test after 2-3 weeks to check her creatinine level.

Though I haven't met her in person yet, I must tell you that her voice sounds much stronger and active now.

She is not going through any dialysis, there is no swelling, no vomiting , no fever etc. My mother use to sound very tired before but now she seems to be more active. She is also on strict diet.

My mother feels very positive about your medications. We can't wait till we get her creatinine level checked.

Yes we would like to order the medicines again in the next two weeks, before the current batch gets over.

But before ordering, it would be great if your Doctor can advise any other specific suggestion, medicines or diet, and also the duration.


Mayuri Konwar

Testimonial - 19

Greetings Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for the medicines created from Planet Ayurveda.

At presented the normal medicines are working fine and the urine out put is very good.

Last time they gave us advanced pack for kidney, After taking this medicines loose motion started for my dad so started giving him the same old medicines then its ok and fine.

He is telling is stomach paines when he is taking advance pack.

Recently doctor has given suggested new medicines, I will purchase them in few days.

Thank you very much for following my dads case.

George Joel

Testimonial - 20





Testimonial - 21

Dear Doctor,

We are getting positive result doctor, Creatinine level is decreasing gradually from 7.8 to 6.

So, we are continuing with the same medication.

Thanks and Regards


Testimonial - 22


I would like to give this message that patients who are taking allopathic treatment or undergoing dialysis or those who have no hope left, I would suggest them to follow the medicines, diet chart properly with full trust. Just like we had lost all hope and we had planned to donate him a kidney also but, we found hope and now, he is improving which has given us a lot of satisfaction. Its treatment as compared to a kidney transplant is very nominal and not even 1%. I would request everyone in need to use these medicines for a month or two and you'll get results for sure, just like us. And that is why we're here, giving an interview, otherwise I, myself didn't trust Ayurveda at all. But, now I feel everyone should trust Ayurveda like we did. Read More...

Testimonial - 23


We would like to give this message that, Ayurveda is very powerful. If you use it in the right way at the right time and follow it regularly in the mentioned method and stick to the diet chart. You will notice a 100% improvement in your condition just like us. You can see my father's improvement for yourself. From creatinine level 5.9 today it has dropped down to 2.0 and that was possible just because of the Ayurvedic treatment from Planet Ayurveda. Read More...

Testimonial - 24

Hi Dr. Vikram,

I am from Pakistan, visiting your website from last 2 and a half years, I made your just one magical remedy Mutrakrichantak Churna by collecting 8 herbs from various places myself and given to my Mother (ESRD) kidney failure patient, my family and colleagues says it have unbelievable effects, really it worked very effectively, Now many people (patients who can buy your magical products) ordered me but I can't provide so huge volume to all of them. So I am going to refer them to you, praying for you for giving all ingredients info of remedy for serving Humanity.

Thanks and Regards

Zafar Rashid

Testimonial - 25


I would only say that Ayurveda is the best. Please believe Ayurveda more than allopathy. You will get the right treatment here. Try it once. Eat right and live right. Read More...

Testimonial - 26


I would say to have trust and take medicine as guided. I have become healthy, so will you. We would also say that if you have any kidney related issue, do follow the diet chart. We are following it. You may take medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Follow the diet chart strictly. You will get positive results. Read More...

Testimonial - 27


I would say that before visiting any other place try to take medicines from Dr. Vikram. There will be no need of going anywhere. His medicines heal the problem. Read More...

Testimonial - 28


After taking Planet Ayurveda's medicines. It's really miracle to come down the creatinine level. It's very good for kidney failure patients. The kidney failure patients must try these medicines. It is my suggestion. Read More...

Testimonial - 29


We are from Hardoi, U.P. My name is Vijayender Pal. Earlier we had allopathic treatment from Lucknow. Then Creatinine level was 4 & it became 7 from 4, then 8. They asked for dialysis and I was very scared because if once started, it's lifelong routine. Then one of our relative told us about Dr. Vikram Chauhan, that he brings creatinine at 3 then 2 from 10. Read More...

Testimonial - 30


I am 99% relieved. I don't have any problem now. I was having everything in small quantities as instructed by Dr. Vikram Sir. I have taken accordingly. I will say that you should consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan only. And you will be totally fine. Read More...

Testimonial - 31


I would like to say that who are suffering from CKD they must consult Dr. Vikram. They might get benefited as I did. Read More...

Testimonial - 32


After ayurvedic treatment, he is better now. He started getting up and walking and feeling much better from previous condition. Vomiting has stopped and eating food properly. Read More...

Testimonial - 33


I would say to them that don't go anywhere else except coming to sir (Dr. Vikram Chauhan). It will take some time but the effect is very positive. Read More...

Testimonial - 34


If anyone is suffering from any disease, they should come here and give Planet Ayurveda a chance. I am not forcing anybody to come here, but they themselves will be satisfied. Just come here on a trial basis, you will certainly get satisfied. Click here to watch this testimonial video.

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