Best Ayurvedic doctor in India

Best Ayurvedic doctor in India

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is MD in Ayurvedic medicine and is an expert ayurvedic physician practicing in a beautiful city called Chandigarh, which is located in North India.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an expert nadi vaidya and regularly conducts workshops on Ayurveda at various international ayurvedic centers. He is invited by various ayurvedic organizations and attends conferences worldwide for seminars, workshops, Ayurvedic consultations, lectures, patient examinations and pulse diagnosis.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan has deep interest in natural medicine and once has vast experience of ayurvedic herbs and their uses. His MD is in herbal pharmacology.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan started his own herbal pharma company along with his clinic in 1999 in the name of Krishna Herbal Company. This company was later registered with US-FDA and then he also launched his brand name – PLANET AYURVEDA. The name got popular among masses and soon there were many products under this brand. Slowly there were PLANET AYURVEDA franchisee opening up in various cities around the world with trained ayurvedic experts handling the patients and doing proper panchakarma treatments.

The products of Planet Ayurveda are now very popular in USA and many European countries and are even available over the counter. The company is GMP certified, US-FDA registered and ISO-9001-2008 certified.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan received best Ayurveda physician in India award in 2007 and also the covet " Rajiv Gandhi" – rashtriya ekta samman in New Delhi. There are many letters coming after those awards everyday which offer various awards to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, but he seldom goes to attend the functions and collect the awards now, as his deepest interest is to find more and more effective ayurvedic combinations and herbs which can help the mankind get rid of various complicated health problems.

Dr. Vikram Chaunan main works can be read at his curriculum-vitae page at the main website

There are many delegates from various countries who visit him to learn Ayurveda. Dr. Vikram chauhan is now famous as a best clinical physician who does not depend upon various modern diagnostic procedures but has excellent clinical acumen, expert in pulse diagnosis – that's why many patients called him – naadi vaidya of India. In year 2012, Dr. Vikram Chauhan was invited by a Czech republic institute of alternative medicine in Prague for lectures on Pulse diagnosis and teach about 35 people and many doctors were also there in the students, to learn this ancient technique of pulse diagnosis.

History of Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr.Vikram Chauhan was born in 1973 in a beautiful modern city in India called Chandigarh. This city was built after India's independence by a French architect – Le carbuisier. Dr. Vikram Chauhan's initial education was from local city school known as – Shishu Niketan School. During the school time, he had deep interest in the subject of science and nature. He never liked political science and history. He was also not good in mathematics but biology and geography was his deep interest.

Solving puzzles was also his hobby during childhood. He likes to play chess and crossword and even defeated a university chess champion at young age. After 12th Grade, he took admission in Ayurveda college in Jalandhar. Initially, the subjects in the first years were difficult to understand – History of Ayurveda ( many mythological stories), Ashtang ayurveda and moreover the atmosphere in the college was like a modern medical college. He studied basic subjects in medical graduation - like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and later on Pharmacology, Pathology, Social and preventive medicine, Toxicology, Forensic medicine, eye, ENT, pediatrics, Gynaecology, Medicine and Surgery. These are the main subjects in all medical colleges around the world for basic graduation course in medicine.

The syllabus of Ayurveda contained – History of Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Ashtang Sangreh, Sharir kriya, Sharir rachna vigya, marma gyan, herbal pharmacology ( dravyaguna), Agad tantra ( poisonous substances), nidaan ( diagnosis according to ayurveda ) , pulse and prakriti analysis and later on Chikitsa in the final term. After completion there was 6 months training period called internship in local hospital where most of the times, there was no Ayurvedic exposure, only modern medical exposure was there.

After completion of graduation course, Dr. Vikram joined MD in (Dravyaguna) – herbal pharmacology from state run ayurveda college in Patiala, Punjab. His interest grew in herbs and their healing powers and he did not look back after that. He studied all medicinal plants described in Ayurveda and later studied plants of various countries to improve his knowledge. He developed various formulations, combinations to fight complicated diseases. He established his own clinic and ayurvedic center and started his own practice of Ayurveda. He travels worldwide now to his established Ayurvedic treatment centers and various institutes to teach, learn, practice, help the patients, conduct workshops, pulse diagnosis, prakriti analysis, seminars and understand more about people from various cultures.

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