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Testimonial - 1


My father was suffering from Hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis, doctors advised for liver transplantation as according to their diagnosis the liver was damaged 75 % but when I've consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he told me that ayurveda has such capabilities that can recover the liver damage for about 80% and I followed him and now my father is feeling well and quite all right. I am thankful to Dr. Chauhan

Dr. Shailendra Singh Bhadauria
Assistant Professor
Industrial and Production Engg
NIT Jalandhar - Punjab- India

Testimonial - 2

Dr. Meenaxi and Dr. Vikram

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude for all of your helpful consultation/advice towards myself and my family's health.  Your herbs have not only proven to be extremely beneficial, but have given me such a great sense of energetic peace within.

The Arogayavardhni Vati and Sanjivani Vati have and continue to do an excellent detoxing job on my liver...and it has only been two (2) months since I started.  I had such a problem with my digestive system and losing weight.  My bloating has gotten much better, and my stomach almost never distends now after meals.  My skin is now supple, soft, smooth, and has such a healthy glow.  For several years now, I had lost the feeling to "Dance for the Emperor" (a phrase I use when I am feeling the most happiest) ... and now, I not only feel to "Dance for the Emperor" but also do flips and cartwheels for him.

I know I still have a long way to go regarding getting my health in top shape, but I only think it is fair that I take the time out to let you both know how grateful I am for all that you have done for me.  I shall continue to refer you and your company to others who are able to benefit from your wonderful work.

Thank you again and ... Namaste !

Aileen - USA
Dated- 04.10.2011

Testimonial - 3


Hello Dr.Vikram Chauhan,

I just want to give update about the results of your medicine usage, I feel more energy full, want to walk more and more physical activity, my constipation almost finished and also my English medicine for diabetes decrease from 6mg tab to 2mg tablet once a day, because may be your medicine have lowering glucose effect as well, now I want to switch to your diabetes medicine slowly.
Please prescribe.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan
Scotland U.K

Testimonial - 4


Hello doctor

I m taking your medicine yakrit palihantak churan for last 2 weeks and it's incredible. For few years I had been suffering from liver diseases of indigestion , gastric and skin rashes. My liver had been severely damaged by inflammation but after taking your medicines I am feeling better.

Thank you doctor.

Testimonial - 5

Hep A, Hep B and Herpes HSV1


Good Morning.

Thank you for sending email and checking about my health.

I requested Ayurveda medicines to cure Hep A, Hep B and Herpes HSV1. Really Dr Vikram suggested and gave miracle medicines which made Hep A and Hep B negative in a span of 100 days, which is awesome. My big thanks to Dr Vikram for providing very good medicines. My little concern now is Herpes HSV1 which is not cured yet and I'm continuing the medicines for Herpes HSV1 as doctor said. I have confidence that Herpes HSV1 also will be cured in about few months with these miracle ayurveda medicines.

Thank a lot.

Have a good day.

Manikanta Cherivi

Testimonial - 6

Good News with the Yakrit Plihantak Churna

Dr. Chauhan,

I have been ordering the Yakrit Plihantak Churna for liver for my husband. Finally after using the Churna for all these years, the elevated liver enzymes are totally in the normal range with the latest test results that he took after one year where they had come down quite a bit. Along with daily churan dose, he increased exercise and we increased consumption of lot of leafy greens and lentils in diet.

Thank you

Testimonial - 7

Grade 3 fatty liver

Namastey Doctor Vikram,

Sir main yakrit phlyantak churna aur arogvardhani vati 25 days say lay raha hu mera stomach ka weight loose ho raha hai aur mujhey vuuk v lagraha hai aapka lakh lakh sukriya doctor vikram sir aapney etnay aache yakrit phlyantak churna banaya hai maine Hyderabad allopathic doctor ko dekhaya koi result mujhey nahi mila aur mera stomach bahut bara ho gya mujhe pahelay vuk v nahi lagta tha uskey baad mainey google pe planet Ayurveda ka yakrit phlyantak churna dekha aur aapke kahane par 25 din main he mera weight loose 5kg ho gya i love Ayurveda i love planet Ayurveda sir mujhe kitna months aur medicine khani hai..

Thank you

Barun Prasad

Testimonial - 8

fatty liver

Dear Team,

The diabeties medicine for pancreas is excellent and in one month has brought reading down from 8.6 to 7.7 in ONE MONTH.

I TAKE THE LIVER MEDICINE for fatty liver and feel really well.

So pleased we discovered you.


Mr. and Mrs. Hancock

Testimonial - 9

Alcoholic Liver Disease


Basically Sukhdev is suffering from alcoholic liver disease. In the beginning there is fatty liver but patient remains unaware and keeps taking alcohol. Gradually it gets converted into fatty liver then into liver cirrhosis. He had ascites, there was so much water retention and symptoms like breathlessness, enlarged abdomen, difficulty in walking, loss of appetite and jaundice. Therefore such types of symptoms were there. Albumin was too less but slowly it has improved too. Rest symptoms like there is no water in abdomen and he is able to do his daily activities. Everything he is doing normally. Read More...

Testimonial - 10

Liver Cirrhosis


In PGI it was diagnosed that it is 100% liver cirrhosis. We went to PGI 5 to 6 month. They didn't give any good treatment. We searched on internet about Dr. Vikram. We contacted to Dr. Vikram. He prescribed us some ayurvedic medicines. After taking the medicines, there is a lot of improvement. Read More...

Testimonial - 11

Ascites, Liver Cirrhosis


In February 2016. We got a reference from somebody. I came here. Took medicines as prescribed. And after 5 days only he could pass all his urine out. And he then came to a better normal condition. The medicines that were taken were very effective. It saved his life. Read More...

Testimonial - 12

Hepatitis B


I consulted to allopathic doctors, they told it can't be cured. But it can be cured that we came to know after coming here. Doctor also told you are fine and gave me medicine for three months more so that it can be cured from the root. Read More...


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