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Testimonial - 1

I would like to thank Dr Vikram Chauhan for his help in treating sarcoidosis of my fiancee. We discovered that she was having sarcoidosis during an X-ray check and decided to use herbs rather than chemicals to fix the problem. The course consisted of Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin and Aloe Vera. During 4 months we progressively took X-rays monthly and saw the inflammation in the lungs decreasing after each month of treatment. We are happy to see the results and how herbs can treat such complex problems.

Andriy Dyukov, Melbourne

Testimonial - 2

Hi Dr. Vikram,

just want to let you know that I had all kinds of testing done last month and was told that my lungs are too good at this time for a transplant and they did not put me on the list. I find out in April if there is any progression. I am still taking all of the herbs and feeling really good. My cough is a lot better and my oxygen level stays around 97% even if I am walking for 30 min. or so. I walk an hour every day and take your herbs, nothing else. Thanks so much for your interest.

Charles - Mexico
Dated- 12.02.2008

Testimonial - 3

Dear Doctor,

As promised, i come back to you to give you some news of my dad.
For memory, my dad has a lung cancer since june 2012 (adenocarcinom).
He has had a chiruchical operation (ablation of the third part (bottom) of the right lung) in july 2012.
3 Brain metastasis appeared in april 2013,. He had 1 month and half of radiotherapy (whole brain radiotherapy).
The prognosis was very poor.
After the radiotheraphy, we discovered through the pet scan new metastastis: 1 on adrenal gland (18mm) , 1 on pelvis bone.
He has Chemiotherapy since July 8th, every 3 weeks.

The 4 september pet scan showed absolutely no improvement at all.

On september 5 th, he has taken your treatment:
1) Cancer care pack With 2 caps of curcumin thrice daily instead of twice.
2) Boswvellia curcumin 2 caps , thrice daily

and your immunity treatment since mid october:
Bramhi - 2 capsules twice daily - Bramhi is a wonderful memory support herb, improving coordination of the nerves by improving their communication with each other. It helps to improve the neurotransmission among neurons.
Coral calcium - 1 twice daily - it's a natural calcium from the corals, and pearls, since it is all natural, it is easily assimilated and absorbed in the body and reaches every single cell and not like the other unnatural form of calcium, which does not gets absorbed properly and is not there when needed.
Shilajit - 1 capsules once daily - it's rich in at least 85 microminerals and prevents the depletion of the present anti-oxidnats in the body. protects depletion of vitamin C, E and A and improves assimilation of nutrients from the diet.
Arjun Saar - 20 ml twice daily - Arjuna is rich in natural co_-q 10 , which is heart's micronutrient to provide energy to heart muscle. It also contains indian goosberry, which is world's richest source of natural vitamin C.. best for Immunity and unlike other unnatural sources of vitamin C.
Tablet Kishore guggul - 2 twice daily - It's a powder anti-inflammatory, 100 % natural and without causing any side effects. it helps to modify the immune response and inflammatory reaction to the invasion by the germs. It guides the body's immune cells about the invaders and help the body to recover from diseases and infections, inflammations, cancers.

The current results are unbelievable:

All brain metastasis have disapeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medical doctors do not understand at all that wonderful results.
It has never been seen with a chemiotherapy treatment.

You ll find enclosed the medical memo of my dad 's doctor.

I would like to thank you.
Thank you so much

Now we have to fight the 18 mm metastasis on adrenal gland and the pelvis bone metastasis.

What do you suggest?

1) No change?
2) or other changes in your treatment ?

kind regards

Testimonial - 4

Dear Team,

Thanks for follow up mail.

I am feeling better and glad to chose planet ayurveda.


Gaurav Kumar Deshwal


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