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Testimonial - 1

Hello Dr. Chauhan,

I am one of your patients from New Zealand. I am getting the treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. I have been taking the med for about 3 weeks now and I see improvement already, firstly that I am not constipated anymore, passing motion once a day which is normal and formed. second huge reduction in passing of pus like material and blood 3) formation of malodourous gas is zero. I stopped taking my regular medication 10-15 days after I started your med and the improvement I saw with y our medication was not even achieved by the regular med prescribed by the gastroenterologist.

So, I want to thank you for this life changing med that you have created. I am sure a lot of people out there are benefiting from it. I know there is a huge population out there suffering from his nasty conditions and it has adverse effect on people both mentally and physically..... I have already asked my brother in law to collect med for next month and send it to me and I believe he came and got them today. I have my review with the gastroenterologist next month and I cant wait to see him and tell him all about this new and improved me.

Any suggestion from your side about my condition do you think I am on the track to recovery? shall I just keep doing what I am doing i.e. healthy diet plus the med from you and stop regular medication.

Kind Regards


Date: 21-09-2016

Testimonial - 2

I am currently taking 5th month of UC care pack, and my mother has begun with 1st month Interstitial Cystitis. I am doing fantastic and will re-order UC care pack for 6th month in a few weeks. My mother has seen improvement as well.

Edward Gonzalez

Testimonial - 3

Regarding health after medicine

After taking medicine n follow the diet I had seen there was a drafting change in my health and improves a lot in ulcer colitis from last 6 month m continue with this package . . . . Thanks to Dr meenakshi guide me for a medicine n diet n always there for ur patient's . . . .

Testimonial - 4

I have started taking the medicines for about 1.5 weeks and I am seeing good progress in my health. I will wait for about 1 more week to give you a better feedback.

But my health has definitely improved in the past week. Thanks a lot.



Testimonial - 5

Hello Planet Ayurveda

I am following up with you in regards to your question on how I'm doing following the supplements. Well I am on month 6 for uc care pack and I'm doing fantastic. I was able to go to another country for two weeks and I did not get sick from stomach or nothing, and I always use to get sick in other country. I have gotten my life back from what I am seeing. I will order soon for month 7 (march) and will keep you updated. Thank you all at planet aryuveda, this has been a life saver for me and getting my life back.

- Edward

Testimonial - 6

Good Evening Sir

Myself Md. Ibrahim from yousuf guda Hyderabad patient of ulcerative colitis from week 10 day's i am using your ulcerative colitis care pack i am feling much better.

Thank You,
Ibrahim Mohammed

Testimonial - 7


My bleeding has stopped since couple of days. Its Healing. Thank u so much. You are doing great job.

Shraddha Gohel

Testimonial - 8


In reference of colitis problem, I am feeling better since we are using your medicine.

Ajay Soni

Testimonial - 9


I was all fine and used to do gym. I took the weight gain powder for biceps due to that there was the problem of bleeding but I thought its normal but later it enhanced. I told to my parents about the bleeding problem. Then my allopathic treatment was started and I took the allopathic medicines for 3-4 months. In the beginning like 2-3 months everything was good but later these medicines created more problems and didn't found the good results. On internet I read about doctor and came from Jalandhar to Chandigarh. Doctor gave me Ayurvedic medicines which I took for a month and also followed the diet chart suggested by him. Within a month I got very good results. In the 2nd month again I came to doctor then he stopped my allopathic medicines completely. Read More...

Testimonial - 10


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 2 years ago. I took treatment from Rohtak, PGI from Dr. Manoj Goyal but I had no relief. I kept taking medicines but, I was fine, only, till I took the medicines as soon as I stopped the medicines my symptoms relapsed. Then, I came across Dr. Vikram Chauhan's videos on YouTube. I saw them a few times and I decided that only Ayurveda can cure it. So, I thought of meeting Dr. Vikram Chauhan and I came here 5 months ago. My condition was very critical back then. Read More...

Testimonial - 11


The amount of relief I've got from these medicines can't be defined in words. I'm absolutely fine now just like I was before getting affected from this disease. Read More...

Testimonial - 12


After taking Planet Ayurveda's ayurvedic medicines, I'm absolutely fine now. Read More...

Testimonial - 13


When we saw numerous interviews on YouTube then I realized there is some possibility to treat ulcerative colitis. I immediately found Dr. Vikram Chauhan's contact details and mailed him. Sir was going abroad but he was kind enough to speak to me over the phone. He said it wasn't an issue and that I wouldn't even have to speak to him again. He explained me about the Ulcerative colitis care pack and the diet chart. She started the medicines on December 28th and all the symptoms including bleeding stopped by January 26th. There are no symptoms since then. She was passing stools 6 to 7 times, which reduced slowly but, now, she passes stool normally, once a day. On rare occasions she passes stool twice a day. No mucous, no bleeding, no loose stools. Read More...

Testimonial - 14


I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. I went for treatment to Ghaziabad. I took treatment for 4-5 months, but results were not satisfactory. Then I contacted Planet Ayurveda and contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Took medicines from Planet Ayurveda and became healthy. Read More...

Testimonial - 15


I am from district Sangrur. I had problem of Ulcerative Colitis from last 3-4 years. I saw your video on youtube. I took the address and reached here. I got treated and became healthy in 4 to 5 months. Read More...

Testimonial - 16


I was facing gastric problem. In 2010, lot of gastric problem I had when I was in Quwait. Suddenly bleeding started. I left my job and came back to Bihar. I took treatment in Patna. I used to get relief for some time but again the problem would start. I was admitted for 15. 15 days in hospital too. I took good treatment in Gujarat also. I got relief but then again problem would occur. At last when I came bathinda I met Dr. Vikram. Now I am feeling better since 4 months, taking his medicines. Read More...

Testimonial - 17


I had Ulcerative Colitis, which started in January 2015. I contacted few doctors in Patna regarding it. Few doctors said it is not curable, you have to eat medicine for long time. Then I contacted in the Planet Ayurveda. I came and met doctor. Doctor assured me that I will become ok within 6 months. Doctor told me to take medicine continuously. After taking for 3-4 months I could feel positive effects. Doctor told me to eat 2-3 months more. I ate regularly for 6 months. Now I have discontinued the medicines. I left taking medicines in June 2017. Now I am completely fine. Read More...

Testimonial - 18


I would just like to say that if you're not finding any treatment in allopathy. You should come at Planet Ayurveda once, I have faith in them. I'm sure you'll also be cured just like me. Read More...

Testimonial - 19


I want to tell that this medicines give result in less than 10 days, which no other medicine can give. So if anyone suffering from this kind of problem please visit and get treatment from Planet Ayurveda. Read More...

Testimonial - 20


I would like to say that who are suffering from any diseases they must consult Dr. Vikram. They might get benefited as I did. Read More...

Testimonial - 21


I would like to say that anybody who is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis should come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan as even at a given time, even I had lost hope that I have to take the medicine for the whole life time, but then Dr. Vikram Chauhan said that I can be totally cured by 6 months and I will not take any medicine after that. I've taken the medicine for 5 months, just another month. Read More...

Testimonial - 22


I would like to convey that, don't take much medicine from allopathic and don't degrade your health any more. Switch to ayurveda as soon as possible and get proper treatment from ayurveda. You will get proper treatment from here. I was also not having any hope that, I will get cured. But now I am cured. So one must visit here. Read More...

Testimonial - 23


I would like to say that after taking treatment from Dr. Chauhan, I am 90% fine or I can say that I am cured totally. Read More...

Testimonial - 24


Those who are watching me should take treatment from here. You will get relief within four days. Read More...

Testimonial - 25


When she had severe dehydration, we watched your video and ordered medicines online. After she had a blood transfusion, its next day medicines arrived and we started the medicines. It's about one month and since we have started the medicine. She is fine. There are no pain and bleeding is less now and food is also digesting properly. Read More...

Testimonial - 26


I just want to tell that anyone suffering from ulcerative colitis at least give one visit to Dr. Chauhan and they will get good relief within 3-4 months of treatment. Read More...

Testimonial - 27


I just want to tell that, people should believe in ayurveda and every disease has cure but one should have believe and faith in god's grace and there should be firmness in your mind and body to fight against the disease then even impossible also become possible. And one should believe in ayurveda and should follow the instruction strictly then you will be see the results even faster. It took 1 year to me to overcome it but some will get relief in 6 months. Read More...

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