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Testimonial - 1


I would like to thank Dr Vikram Chauhan for his help in treating sarcoidosis of my fiancee. We discovered that she was having sarcoidosis during an X-ray check and decided to use herbs rather than chemicals to fix the problem. The course consisted of Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin and Aloe Vera. During 4 months we progressively took X-rays monthly and saw the inflammation in the lungs decreasing after each month of treatment. We are happy to see the results and how herbs can treat such complex problems.

Andriy Dyukov, Melbourne

Date: 24-05-2012

Testimonial - 2


I would like to give this message that my treatment and faith gave me amazing outcomes. I would urge all my fellow mates watching this video to come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda and tell him your problem and I'm sure that just like me, you'll also be fine. This is my faith in Dr. Vikram Chauhan because I finished my course of allopathic medicines but only after taking Ayurvedic medicines, I was cured. If I'm cured, I believe everyone can be cured. Read More...

Testimonial - 3


I had an infection in my lungs which was recurrent. It would subside but the infection recurred eventually. Once, I got to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan while going through YouTube. I believed I should give it a try once. I took an appointment and visited Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I took all the medicines prescribed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan on time and I've got a lot of benefit from it. Read More...

Testimonial - 4


My message is believed in Ayurveda and believes it with heart. Follow it properly, it shows result. May be it will take time but it will definitely show you the results. You have to follow the instructions properly and you have to follow the diet plan and follow it properly and it will definitely show you the results. Allopathic to some diseases like Sarcoidosis and some autoimmune disorders does not have any answer; they just put you on steroids, which is not a medicine. It actually starts deteriorating your health. With it, you have side effects with slight change in the weather you will get cold, cough and viral infections which are very common when you are on steroids. So it's better to believe in Ayurveda. Read More...


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