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Testimonial - 1

Good Morning Dr. Vikram,

About two weeks ago I ordered 2 bottles of your Allergy tabs. They were for my daughter. She says that is the only thing that works for her allergies. She won't take anything else. Anyway, I ordered some and they were shipped directly to her home. She was so happy they came.

We have a question for you about the allergy tabs. Can children take them? And if so at what dosage. My granddaughter is developing allergies. She is congested, has swollen eyes, she says she feels like she is almost getting a cold. My granddaughter is 10. Will be 11 in August. Can she take the allergy tabs? My daughter would rather give her the allergy tabs than go get some prescription medications or over the counter medicatons for Sammi.

Thank You

Shirley - USA

Arlene - Switzerland

Testimonial - 2


Dear Dr. Vikram,

I am writing to thank you and to give a feedback of my experience so it could help others also.

I live in new delhi and i desperately needed a cure for my son as his Absolute Eosnophils Count was 6. After much research I found it in your AllergyCare product which came up on google as a cure for lowering eosnophilia - so i am writing to give you my deepest gratitude. I had ordered 2 bottles through your Delhi representative called mr. Verma. After finishing one and a half bottles we got my son's blood test done and to our delight the count had come down to 2. So i really thank you for making an ayurvedic herbal medicine which is so effective and genuine and specifically made for curing eosnophilia. We will continue with your product till the count becomes totally normal and will keep you informed.

Having experienced this miracle cure made by you i would like to ask you for some product that would help my melasma/hyperpigmentation which i have on my face since i became menopausal 7 years ago. I am now 57 years old. As i have tried everything else but nothing has worked so please do reply and help me!!!

Best Regards

Mrs. Shivani Singh

Testimonial - 3

Wheat Allergy


I went for TTG test before coming here, it was not normal. After that, as Dr. told me, and as I keep visiting here continuously, my level of wheat allergy came to normal. So now I am completely fine and very happy. Staff over here guided very well and that was very supportive. As I come from Shimla and it is really far. So they assured me and couriered medicines if I was not able to visit. Read More...


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