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Testimonial - 1

Dear Dr. Vikram Chauhan / Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan

I would like to share the results of success after taking the Herbal Remedies of Planet Ayurveda, Vara Churna, Triphala Guggul purchased previously for my symptoms of Fistula.

I would like to share initially I was skeptical prior to taking the herbal products. However as I proceeded to take the remedies as prescribed I noticed a pleasant change. There was less and less irritation as well the oozing of puss like discharge lessoned and thereafter I must share the puss has stop completely and it appears the Fistula has gone away.

I cannot believe the puss like noggle has stop oozing completely and gone away.

I tremendously appreciate your assistance and recommendations with the herbal remedies and my greatest hope is that ALL who take the remedies prescribed by you will experience the success that I have. I hope that I will not have any more symptoms of the Fistula and that it does not return.

Thank you


Danny Mebane

Testimonial - 2


My name is Danny Mebane of Hartford CT

I would like to follow up regarding the Herbal remedies Planet Ayurveda's I ordered previously.

I would like to share that I am pleasantly surprised with the results of the Fistula problem experience.

Since taking the remedy as prescribed I have noticed a great change initially ..., I must admit I was skeptical at first but as time proceed taking the herbal remedies My Fistula has cleared up and I have not had thus far to date any symptoms of the fistula. The puss like abscessed has subsided and does not ooze or drain any discharge of puss associated with abscess has disappeared.

I sincerely hope the success of the product has completely resolved my Fistula and it does not return.

I would like to thank you for you prompt delivery and support in my Fistula concerns....

Thank You Very Much


Danny Mebane


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