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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your support and your help and your fast reply.

I want to confirm that drugs my father taken:-

1Caps Omepak 20 [omeprazole] once
1Caps Sod.bicarbonate 3times (he stop it after the last test)
1Caps Oxybral [vincamine 30mg] 2times
1Tab Trental 400 SR [pentoxifylline ] 2times
1tab Versec 24 [Betahistine dihydrochloride] 2 times (he stop it after the last test)
1 Tab Marevan 3 [warfarin] once
2Caps Omega 3 plus [fish oil + wheat oil] 3 times (he stop it after the last test)
1Tab Marcal [calcium acetate] once (he stop it after the last test)
1tab Carvid [carvedilol 25 mg] once
half tab Zyloric 300 [allopurinol] once (he stop it after the last test)
1Tab Asprotect [micronized asprin 100mg] once
1 Tab One Alpha 1mcg [alfa calcidol] once
1 Caps Cardura 4mg [doxazosin mesylate] once
1 tab Plendil 5mg [felodipine] once
1/4 tab Lasix 500mg [diurtec] is taken every 2 days. (his doctor make it half Tab. after the last test)
Please advice .

Ashraf Ahmed - Egypt - Sunday, September 11, 2011 12:57 AM

I would like to thank Dr Vikram Chauhan for his help in treating sarcoidosis of my fiancee. We discovered that she was having sarcoidosis during an X-ray check and decided to use herbs rather than chemicals to fix the problem. The course consisted of Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin and Aloe Vera. During 4 months we progressively took X-rays monthly and saw the inflammation in the lungs decreasing after each month of treatment. We are happy to see the results and how herbs can treat such complex problems.

Andriy Dyukov, Melbourne

Date: 24-05-2012

Dear Sir.
My mother take ur medicine 8 months by prescribing you & below this medicine continuie 15 days
Rencure formula cap-(1 bottle)-1 morning 1 evening
Saralghan vati-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Trinpanchmool tab(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Varunadhi vati-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Phyllanthus cap-(1 bottle)-1 morning 1 evening
Neeri tab-(120 tab)-2 morning 2 evening
Arjun tea-(1 bottle/)-1 cup morning 1 evening
Punarnava mandoor-(1 bottle)-2 morning 2 evening
Cardorium plus-(1 bottle)-2 spoon daily evening
Rextone -(1 bottle)-2 spoon daily
she suffering diabetics 25 years
after taking ur medicine urine flow just increase & diabetic is totally normal
she take insulin 3 times but after continuing ur medicine insulin totally stopped
fbs 90
rbs 110
before 2 months urea 117 & creatine 9.8
now urea 103 Creatine 8.2 h/b 11.8
dilosys once a week
diabetics totally controlled but bp is not controlled
take divya mukta vati 2 tab twice daily with allopathic bp tab but not controlled
plz suggested me the ayurvedic bp medicine

Thanks & Regards
Ramya Ranjan Sahoo

You will be pleased to know that Jim's most recent blood test has astonished the Doctors!! At our last visit a week ago, the Nephrologist could say was "I don't understand this!!" and ended with "whatever you are doing, keep doing it". As far as we are concerned he will never understand as we will offer no explanation except - prayer does wonders.

Many thank you's and grateful and abudant blessings, Mary.

MARY & JAMES - Florida, USA

Dr. Meenaxi and Dr. Vikram:

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude for all of your helpful consultation/advice towards myself and my family's health. Your herbs have not only proven to be extremely beneficial, but have given me such a great sense of energetic peace within.

The Arogayavardhni Vati and Sanjivani Vati have and continue to do an excellent detoxing job on my liver...and it has only been two (2) months since I started. I had such a problem with my digestive system and losing weight. My bloating has gotten much better, and my stomach almost never distends now after meals. My skin is now supple, soft, smooth, and has such a healthy glow. For several years now, I had lost the feeling to "Dance for the Emperor" (a phrase I use when I am feeling the most happiest) ... and now, I not only feel to "Dance for the Emperor" but also do flips and cartwheels for him

I think it is fair that I take the time out to let you both know how grateful I am for all that you have done for me. I shall continue to refer you and your company to others who are able to benefit from your wonderful work.

Thank you again and ... Namaste!

Dear Dr. Vikram,

I appreciate your straight forward answers.

Personally I fully believe in you though I must say it's really hard to find the truth on the net.

Even before you sent your email I had a trust in you. Something just was telling me you are not a lair. Your website has a feel of honesty. Believe me, that's saying a lot when you look at all that's out there.

Your site gives hope for a way out of the rat race. There is a getting off point. The more learn about you and yours the more I feel a trust bond.

Thank you ever so much Dr. Vikram for your quick response and help.

Confidently soon I'll be partaking of your hope filling products.

Mark - Texas, USA

Good Evening to you, Dr. Chauhan, from Colorado,

We sent another order to you for you life-giving herbs. I wanted to tell you that we have been incredibly AMAZED at how quickly we receive our box of herbs. The last time, it was 6 days. We were so VERY impressed with the speed of delivery fromIndia to Colorado!! Thank you for everything you do........you are our HERO in so many ways.

Please let us know are you doing, Dr. Chauhan??

Our Heartfelt Thanks to You for your passion to help others,

Cheryle and Benson

I am thankful that I came accross Dr. Vickram's website. I have been researching ways to increase my son's (5 years old) platelet since it has been decreasing due to his illness, leukemia. I read that giving him Papaya leaves juice (20ml/day) will increase it and sure enough in 4 days when we checked his platelet it increased significantly. I thank you so much. Papaya leaves really increases platelet. Thank you so much Dr. Vikram for being so helpful.

Arlene - Switzerland

Hello Dr.

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you the liquidated Indian Gooseberry from you is amazing. Simple and pure energy booster.

I am not sure what it is but, I am very grateful I stumbled across such great product.

Please keep all these amazing "friends" of yours available!

Kuristina - Japan

Good Morning Dr. Vikram

About two weeks ago I ordered 2 bottles of your Allergy tabs. They were for my daughter. She says that is the only thing that works for her allergies. She won't take anything else. Anyway, I ordered some and they were shipped directly to her home. She was so happy they came.

We have a question for you about the allergy tabs. Can children take them? And if so at what dosage. My granddaughter is developing allergies. She is congested, has swollen eyes, she says she feels like she is almost getting a cold. My granddaughter is 10. Will be 11 in August. Can she take the allergy tabs? My daughter would rather give her the allergy tabs than go get some prescription medications or over the counter medicatons for Sammi.

Thank you.
Shirley - USA

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