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Hello DR. Vikram

I just want to say thankyou and way to go on these supplements. I've noticed a difference just in two days. I feel great with this stuff I'm a new and profound man ha ha "this stuff is very very, interesting I mean these supplements make an impact on what we call the {man tool} do you know what I mean. I've noticed some thickness in that area so what I would like to know is will this stuff make me bigger as well? and if not what do you have to do so. I've seen so much stuff that has been advertised here so much in the states that I know theirs a lot of unnatural stuff involved that probably won't work for most people. I'd like to aquire something all natural that will increase size and that won't harm me and my bloodpressure. Thanks once again. Ps. I hope your having a good time in London your friend - William Bowden – USA

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Hello Planet Ayurveda,

One of My friend Praveen Patel bring 3 Planet Ayurveda Shalajit Bottles for me from Dehli, as I know about Shalajit is very good for health and related all health issues, I take one bottle and it's amazing I am 46 and by god I feel like 16 year old and sexually I feel ready 24/7.


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Bed Hercules Pack

Hello Planet Ayurveda,

Thanks for follow up, i am taking herbal supplement regularly and i am feeling some positive result..

Rajneet Kumar

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