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I love your products, I suffer from menopause symptoms and my friend told me about you and I bought Menopause Care Pack. I took the products and from that morning I was pretty much symptoms free and could sleep much better !!!

Thank you for having such a wonderfull products and have good practice, much appriciated.


Hiroko Shimada

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Bartholin Cyst


I don't have words how thankful I am to Ayurveda and especially to Planet Ayurveda who is spreading and helping people by providing their soulful service globally. After one year of struggle and suffering, I have started living my normal life. I could wake up, made everyone breakfast and could finally be a regular employee at work. This had become possible because of Planet Ayurveda and my decision to adopt this method for natural healing. Read More...

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As I am a blogger and have experienced myself with vaginismus and healing with Planet Ayurveda, I want all women with vaginismus and other problems that they should once consult with Planet Ayurveda. And don't feel lonely and embarrassed when you have this problem. Read More...


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