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I run a trust for street dogs by the name of Indigree Angels Trust, New Delhi ( http://indigreeangels.com ). A year ago I was struggling with urinary incontinence that two female dogs were suffering from and finding allopathy had no cure for it. At a chance meeting with another client of Dr. Chauhan I heard of his successful ayurvedic treatments for humans as well as dogs and got in touch with him. The medicine worked miraculously. Within three days of his prescribed ayurveda my dogs stopped leaking all together. It was a huge relief for all of us. Now I turn to Ayurveda first for all the dogs we look after.

I fully believe in the power of ayurveda and its ability to cure and root out diseases like no other form of medication. Allopathy is largely based on suppressing disease and all medicines have side effects which can often create much more damage than one started out with. Ayurveda on the other hand addresses the cause of the disease and roots it out with no side effects. Why would one want to use allopathy when the benefits of Ayurveda are so holistic.

In this world of quick fixes we tend to veer towards allopathy but ayurveda in my experience is safer, as fast acting and has long term and lasting effects.

I am very grateful to Doctors like Mr. Chauhan for his wonderful contribution in the field of Ayurveda and for making it possible for people like us to have access to this great and scientific healing based on the wonderful wisdom of the sages of India.

Apo Deepo Bhava ~ Be a light unto yourself.

Anusheh - New Delhi
Dated- 16.08.2012


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