Testimonial - 1

Hello Dr. Vikram,

My Dad wanted me to let you know that the lady we bought the sarpagandha for has had some amazing results. Her blood pressure is now 113/69 and that is the lowest it has ever been. Even the doctor's medicine and doctors could not even get her pressure down but the sarpagandha powder did it.

Thanks, Brenda

Testimonial - 2

Dr Vikram,

Thank you for your kindness to me, Fortunately,I am not Diabetic,I was told my renal failure was caused by long term untreated high blood pressure! At present I express very little urine daily, I hope your treatment will correct that.,
I started your treatment today, and I do not know if its my imagination I had three hours of dialysis today and I do not feel tired tonight, I normally come home shattered!
I appreciate the time you give me.

Kindest regards,
Jim Aherne,
P.S I wish you had a centre in U.K.
Unfortunately the E,U and U.K are making things difficult for Alternative people.

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