Reduce Increased Urea & Creatinine Levels without Dialysis - Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Greetings, sir!


INTERVIEWER: I welcome you both to Planet Ayurveda center.


INTERVIEWER: Sir, I would like to know your names.

INTERVIEWEE: My name is Manoj Kumar Yadav and my father's name is Mr. Chander Pal Yadav.

INTERVIEWER: Where have you come from?

INTERVIEWEE: We have come from Bathinda, Punjab.

INTERVIEWER: Out of the two of you, who's the patient?


INTERVIEWER: Ok, your father! What health issues did he have, regarding which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda center?

INTERVIEWEE: He had Diabetes, Hypertension and his major problem was high creatinine and urea levels. So, to seek treatment for the latter, we contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

INTERVIEWER: When did you find out that his creatinine has increased and what were his symptoms?

INTERVIEWEE: It was normal till the beginning of last year then it shot up to 4 and on August 8th, 2017 all of a sudden his creatinine level went from 4 to 8 due to which his condition became serious with swelling all over face, loss of appetite, vomiting, cough and congestion and he was not improving at all. We took him to the doctor who was treating him previously and he gave him Tab Dytor (diuretic) and since he took his tests, we got to know about his raised creatinine level from 4 to 8.

INTERVIEWER: Ok. So, after seeing his symptoms your performed his Renal function test which showed his increased parameters of creatinine and urea!


INTERVIEWER: How did you get to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

INTERVIEWEE: Actually, when his creatinine level raised he fell really sick on August 15th, 2017. Due to weakness, water retention, loss of appetite and no urine output, he fell unconscious. We immediately took him to the hospital and they admitted him to the ICU and they started his dialysis also. His creatinine level was not reducing, they said that dialysis is the last option and they even began discussing about his kidney transplant. When I kept hearing that it has no treatment apart from dialysis and transplant, I searched on YouTube for an alternative and I came across Dr. Vikram Chauhan's channel Planet Ayurveda where I saw a video where Dr. Vikram told about how creatinine level can be decreased and I also saw his patients interviews. Then, I thought I should also go there once.

INTERVIEWER: You got a ray of hope!

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, that it can be managed.

INTERVIEWER: Since when did you start taking his treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: We started it on September 11th and today its October 7th today and it's not even been 1 month. I would like to share my experience with the viewers, initially we admitted him in a hospital in Bathinda then, I took him to DMC but it was no use. His creatinine level increased from 8 to 11 then 12 and the doctor said there is no further treatment in allopathic and he will start functioning normally only after a kidney transplant. Later, after losing hope from there, I brought my father to PGI, Chandigarh. But, the doctors in PGI said the same things after seeing his reports that he'll have to undergo dialysis twice. His last dialysis was done on September 11th and those doctors said he'll have to undergo dialysis frequently but he has not undergone dialysis even once after that.

INTERVIEWER: When was his last dialysis done?

INTERVIEWEE: It's been 25 days.

INTERVIEWER: From the time you started taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, since the time we started his treatment from here, we have not found any need of dialysis. Earlier he used to cough frequently but now, as you can see he is not coughing at all, he's eating properly and can walk on his own and there is no breathlessness. Everything is fine. Prior to this, his condition was so critical that he couldn't even walk up to the washroom himself, he couldn't move, he had become really weak.

INTERVIEWER: Please show us his old and new reports to see the kind of improvement he has shown.

INTERVIEWEE: This report is from a lab in Chandigarh which shows his creatinine level to be 11.11 and it was checked 2 days post dialysis. Dialysis was done on 4th and this report is of 6th. This one was done on 24th after starting Dr. Vikram's treatment with no dialysis and his creatinine level dropped down to 6.84.

INTERVIEWER: What type of medicines did Dr. Vikram prescribe him?

INTERVIEWEE: He gave him Punarnava, Neeri KFT, Mutrakrichantak churna.

INTERVIEWER: Kindly, show me the prescription.


INTERVIEWER: Thank you, sir! What kind of changes did your father make during this treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: As Dr. Vikram said, we decreased his liquid intake and gave him boiled vegetables. He asked my father to stop consuming high protein foods, milk and milk products. Apart from that, Dr. Vikram also made him avoid fruits due to his diabetes. He followed the given diet chart strictly.

INTERVIEWER: There are a lot of viewers watching this video and I think most of them would themselves be suffering from Kidney disorders. What message would you like to give to them?

INTERVIEWEE: I would like to give this message that patients who are taking allopathic treatment or undergoing dialysis or those who have no hope left, I would suggest them to follow the medicines, diet chart properly with full trust. Just like we had lost all hope and we had planned to donate him a kidney also but, we found hope and now, he is improving which has given us a lot of satisfaction. Its treatment as compared to a kidney transplant is very nominal and not even 1%. I would request everyone in need to use these medicines for a month or two and you'll get results for sure, just like us. And that is why we're here, giving an interview, otherwise I, myself didn't trust Ayurveda at all. But, now I feel everyone should trust Ayurveda like we did.

INTERVIEWER: Ok. Thank you for coming to our Planet Ayurveda center and giving such valuable information to our viewers. Thanks to both of you.



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