Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) & Low Ejection Fraction by Ayurveda | Real Testimonial

INTERVIEWER: Greetings, Dr. Vikram!


INTERVIEWER: Greetings, Sir!


INTERVIEWER: Sir, today please let us know about CHF, a difficult disease to treat. So how it is caused? What is its treatment in Ayurveda?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: CHF, known as congestive heart failure. As, its name suggests congestion of heart muscles known as ventricles get weaken, that is ejection fraction which means pumping capacity of heart reduced. The normal capacity is 45-50%or 45-60%. In this capacity, human is healthy. If it reduced means ejection fraction is low. It is known as congestive heart failure. In this condition, congestion appears in heart. Basically, heart is like a pump only. So in Ayurveda, it's known as hridyadaurbalya. In this condition, heart muscle becomes weak. Water start collecting in body especially in feet, breathlessness occur, swelling occur. This is the patient of CHF, he too gets symptom of swelling of feet due to collection of water, breathlessness, weakness.

INTERVIEWER: SIR, you came from Jaipur?

INTERVIEWEE: No sir, I'm from Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, what symptoms you had?

INTERVIEWEE: I had breathlessness, swelling of the feet due to water collection, weakness, not able to walk and sometimes I got bleeding too during cough.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Bleeding during cough. Actually, it happens in pulmonary edema. When pumping fails, then water start collecting first in the feet, then skin, then in whole body and finally it fills the lungs. When water starts filling in the lungs, then the patient is unable to breathe properly. When the patient lies in bed, he is not able to breathe, cough occurs with bleeding. Thus the patient suffers from pulmonary edema. He was having severe pulmonary edema.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, in allopathic all we known what treatment they give but in Ayurveda, what has to be the treatment for CHF?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: In allopathic, they give out diuretics to extract the water out. It's just a temporary solution, not a permanent solution because water will collect again because we are not improving the pumping capacity of the heart, not providing strength to the heart. They give digoxin whose base is from Ayurveda, which we consider as a toxin in Ayurveda and we use it rarely. From call us purpura we get digoxin. It doesn't strengthen heart, but it works as a hunter for the heart. It forcefully pumps the heart. Did they prescribe you digoxin, which you have to take for 5 days /week?


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Ok, they just gave you diuretics.

INTERVIEWER: When you came to know about your problem CHF?

INTERVIEWEE: In 2017, Feb, I got an attack.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Actually, we were talking that we don't give hritpatri and use it rarely. So in Ayurveda we use Arjuna, it gives strength to the heart, heart has oxygen carrying capacity, but Arjuna doesn't increase oxygen carrying capacity of heart and gives strength to heart muscles which improves the functioning of heart. So in Ayurveda Arjuna is very beneficial in increasing the strength of muscle. We take Arjuna extract that is from 100 kgs we took 10 kgs extract and use it. We also give Arjuna tea prepared from the bark of Arjun, and then we give natural diuretic Punarnava which works for electrolyte balance without causing weakness in the body. Rest we also give various herbs see…

INTERVIEWER: Was there ejection fraction very low?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: See this was his report of July 2017, which he got from Jaipur. Here you see ejection fraction value was 25%. So he came to me on Aug. 4, 2017. So I gave him Total Heart Support which also has arjuna extract, we give 2 capsules twice a day that is 1000mg , that is 1000mgm in the morning and 1000mgm in the evening. We give Punarnava Mandoor which both provide strength and act as diuretic, then we give Hridyarog Chintamani Ras, Prabhakar Vati is a classical formulation written in ancient books, Hridyarnavras is also is classical medicine, mostly we give Jawahar Mohra Vati, Arjuna, Arjuna tea, instead of Jahar Mohra Pishti we give Jawahar Mohra Pishti which is useful in heart patients. So this is the combination in which we mainly prefer Arjuna and Punarnava Mandoor as they play an important role. So I repeated same prescription again and today is 20 July, see prescription...

INTERVIEWER: Sir, as we discussed earlier ejection fraction was 25%, so do we have his recent report?


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: See this is report of September month and his ejection fraction is 35% that is within two months, then on 8 March, it comes 37%. So from reports as well as clinically also the patient is saying he has recovered.

INTERVIEWEE: I started to take little amount of water and there is no difficulty in breathing, and no mucus formation.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Overall his reports are normal, from 25% to 37%.

INTERVIEWER: 37% is almost normal!

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, his treatment is ongoing and I am hoping this value will increase further.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, please tell about ayurvedic medicine you prescribed him how it works in body?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: As I said it gave strength to heart muscles. Co-enzyme 210 is present in Arjuna bark. It is a enzyme which usually release to heart muscles for energy. So in Arjun the amount of this enzyme is more. There are many arjunatoisides known as cardiac galactosides which is present in most of allopathic medicines have some side effects. They just make heart to work, not provide energy to heart. But the arjunocides andglycosides found in Arjun provide energy and strengthen heart muscles in period of time so it's much better. We use natural diuretic such as punarnava which extract extra water from kidney and decreases the pressure on heart.

INTERVIEWER: Many times we have seen in your OPD that you make sachets (pudiyan) of bhasams and give to patient.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: We do vyadhipratnik, doshpratanik, darhsanpratanikchiktsa that is just technical Ayurveda. I just want to say that we gave different combination to treat symptomatic disease and different combination to normal the imbalanced doshas present in the body. Some symptomatic treatment we give to treat symptoms like prawal pistii, jahar mohra pistii, akik pisti, sandhikesav pistii, abhrak bhasm, sidhmakrdhwaj vati, swaran bhasam. But I have not given him that many medicines just Pitta Balance which is pitta shamak. It has praval, jahar mohra, mukta, kamdhudha. Mukta (pearl) also provide strength to heart. Like this there is prawal bhasm which is use to dry out excessive water from body. For strength we gave Prawal pishti. Like this we can gave jawahar mohra pisthi, prabhkar vati, hridyaarnavrasa, sidhmakardhwaj, rasraj rasa.

INTERVIEWER: Sir, there are many medicines in Ayurveda.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Yes, there are many more but we have to give few to patient. Like I have also given him shilajit which also dry out water and give strength to body. I have given prabahakar vati, hridyachintamani rasa, rasrajrasa, heerakbhasm, swarn bhasam many more classical drugs we can give. But if we don't want to give bhasam we can mainly give Arjuna and Punarnava or Brahmi or mandookparni which increases body circulation. We can give chawanprash, avaleh (jam), khameera which mostly come in Ayurveda.

INTERVIEWER: So in Ayurveda many drugs are there which has no side effects and treatment is possible with them.

INTERVIEWER: Are you satisfied with the treatment?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Any message, you'd like to give on your behalf?

INTERVIEWER: Any message to the viewers?

INTERVIEWEE: I'd like to say, everyone should adopt Ayurveda not allopathic for any treatment.

INTERVIEWER: Nice to hear this! Thank you Dr. Vikram. Thank you, Sir.

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