Alternative Treatment For Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) - Real Testimonial

Interviewer:- Greetings Ma'am.

Interviewee:- Greetings Sir.

Interviewer:- I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda.

Interviewee:- Thank you Sir.

Interviewer:- What's your name?

Interviewee:- Sir, Amanpreet.

Interviewer:- What's the name of your daughter?

Interviewee:- Seerat Kaur.

Interviewer:- Ok, and where have you come from?

Interviewee:- From Patiala.

Interviewer:- What sort of health problem is your daughter facing and you came to consult Dr. Vikram at Planet Ayurveda?

Interviewee:- Sir, she had Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis).

Interviewee:- So that's why we have come.

Interviewer:- And for how long has she been suffering from this disease?

Interviewee:- Sir she was about 1 year and 3 months old, since then she is suffering. Initially she had flu, we tried an allopathic doctor, but he treated her by giving steroids, but that had a very temporary effect. When he used to treat her, she was ok, but the moment he stopped treating her, the condition was same as before.

Interviewer:- Such treatments have a negative effect on your body.

Interviewee:- Her behavior had also become very irritable and her urge to eat was gone.

Interviewer:- Then when did you get in touch with Dr. Vikram Sir?

Interviewee:- Sir, we came here in November 2017.

Interviewer:- So since then the medicines from this center are going on.

Interviewee:- Yes sir.

Interviewer:- How did you come to know about Dr. Vikram Sir.

Interviewee:- Sir we used to search online, actually in November her whole body was full with rashes of black color, up to her feet and her skin got very rough. So we searched online and came to know about Dr. Vikram.

Interviewer:- Do you find any difference with this treatment?

Interviewee:- A lot Sir, her total body has become completely clean, earlier her whole body used to be covered. Now she has very little scars on her neck and elbows, lots & lots of improvement.

Interviewer:- What was the medicine that was prescribed by Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee:- Sir, there were a few syrups, tablets and churna.

Interviewer:- Are you also getting any treatment from here regarding some ailment? Are you feeling better?

Interviewee:- Yes sir.

Interviewer:- When did your treatment begin?

Interviewee:- Sir, my treatment began in April, 2018.

Interviewer:- Did he recommend any changes in her diet?

Interviewee:- No sir, we used to avoid certain things that she was allergic to.

Interviewer:- Thanks ma'am, you came to our center and provided good knowledge to our viewers.


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