How can Hepatitis B be Cured? - Alternative Treatment

Interviewer: Namaste sir

Male: Namaste

Interviewer: I welcome you all to the Planet Ayurveda Centre.

Male: Thank you.

Interviewer: What is your name sir?

Male: Gorachand bhattacharya.

Interviewer: And what's your name sir?

Male: Radha Bhattacharaya

Interviewer: What's your name sir?

Male: Neeraj Bhardwaj.

Interviewer: From where have you come sir?

Gorachand: Kolkata

Interviewer: Who was the patient of Hepatitis B among you?

Gorachand: Me

Interviewer: Ok, so when you came to know about Hepatitis B?

Gorachand: I came to know in 2001 and in 2017 water started collecting in my abdomen.

Interviewer: Ok so you got ascites in 2017, and then you were diagnose with this hepatitis B problem.

Gorachand: Yes

Interviewer: Then it came positive. So for hepatitis B where else you went for the treatment?

Radha: We started his treatment at Kolkata where doctor said for transplant then I got address of this place.

Interviewer: How you came to know about Dr. Vikram?

Radha: We came to know through internet, then we called here to get the address. We came here 2 months back on December 15. Then doctor checked him here and gave medicines for 2 months. After taking these medicines Hepatitis B virus became negative.

Interviewer: Ok your father took treatment from here for two months and now this virus has become negative.

Radha: Yes it has become negative and doctor told us to visit him again after two months. So we are visiting here again and we came to know that Hepatitis B is negative and we have reports with us too. This is a report which shows it is negative.

Interviewer: You have not brought your old reports with you?

Radha: No, we forget to bring it with us. This is a new report which is negative now.

Interviewer: Is this a new report? When you did it? On February 5?

Radha: Yes, on February 5.

Interviewer: Ok this is a report which you did on February 5, which shows negative result.

Radha: And this is endoscopy report.

Interviewer: Ok, in this report you were diagnosed with ascites.

Radha: Yes, This report is also showing better results from previous one.

Interviewer: Have you went for endoscopy before this too? When you have more issues related to ascites.

Radha: Yes

Interviewer: So this is a latest one. So are you feeling better than before?

Gorachand: Yes much better.

Interviewer: Ok, please show your prescription to our viewers that what kind of medicines Dr. Vikram have prescribed you?

Gorachand: Ok.

Interviewer: And this diet chart was provided to you.

Gorachand: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, so you followed this also?

Gorachand: Yes, I followed it too.

Interviewer: As hepatitis B doesn't become negative easily. For its treatment where else you consulted?

Radha: At Kolkata from ESI hospital.

Interviewer: What was the view of doctors over there?

Radha: When water started accumulating then doctors told no one can do anything, now you have to go for liver transplant.

Interviewer: They advised for liver transplant?

Radha: Yes, they advised for it. So we got upset with that and started thinking what to do now. Then I searched address of this place and after calling here, we came here. Here they told me no problem everything will get fine and now he is feeling better and getting better also. It happened only in two months.

Interviewer: Ok, that's very good Sir, we need a message from you. Please give message to our viewers that if they are suffering with Hepatitis B, then what should they do?

Gorachand: I consulted to allopathic doctors, they told it can't be cured. But it can be cured that we came to know after coming here. Doctor also told you are fine and gave me medicine for three months more so that it can be cured from the root.

Interviewer: Thank you very much sir for coming here and giving so much good information to our viewers. Thank you.


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