Fibromyalgia Treatment in Ayurveda - True Testimonial | Patient's Feedback

Interviewer: Hello Sir

Patient: Hello

Interviewer: What are your names?

Patient: My name is Gulbeer Singh and my name is Jasdeep Singh

Interviewer: From where you both have come?

Patient: We have come from district Hoshiarpur.

Interviewer: For which disease you are taking treatment from Dr. Vikram and who is taking the treatment?

Gulbeer: Patient is my brother in law who is in England and is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Jasdep: He has been suffering from this condition since 7 years and also his spine is operated too. And he was not able to do any work. For this we came here.

Gulbeer: We started treatment from 30th October, and got the results very early. And that's why we have come here again for taking medicine. We got very good results.

Interviewer: So how did the treatment started first as he resides in England and you people stay here. So how did the treatment started?

Jasdep: He searched over Youtube, and told us that we should go to Mohali in sector 82 and get medicine from there. So we got medicines from here and then sent them to England. So he is taking medicines there and we sent him for 3 months. He got good relief within one month. He was not able to go for his work from last 6-7 years and now he is going for work and doing his job properly initially he was very sick.

Gulbeer: He used to have fever with little bit work used to do but now he is fine. He is doing his work from three months since he have started all medicines.

Interviewer: Before that he might have took lots of treatment as his illness is very chronic.

Gulbeer: For first seven years, he took lots of treatment and also got the operation done but got no relief. Also took treatment from England and had no relief. He searched over Youtube and got very good results from this treatment. So second time we have come here to take medicine.

Interviewer: Did there were any dietary restrictions do you have knowledge about that?

Jasdep: Regarding diet we don't know, he was told to do work out which he was not doing previously and started doing his job too.

Interviewer: What is the duration of your treatment?

Jasdep: Previously we took 3 months treatment and now again taking for next three months.

Interviewer: And he got good improvement. Sir there are our viewers who are watching this video and most of them will be fibromyalgia patients. So what message you want to give them?

Gulbeer: We want to give them this message that we have got very good treatment from here and our patient has recovered well, who was not able to do any work but now doing his work and also feeling good. Our patient who was fighting this disease is now very much fine. He is getting good improvement.

Interviewer: It means all other patients should also approach Dr. Vikram and Planet Ayurveda. You have got very good results and I am happy too. Thank you sir for coming in Planet Ayurveda and giving us this good information. Thank you!


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