Alternative Treatment of Sarcoidosis - Real Testimonial

Kamal Dhingra: Hello myself Kamal Dhingra, I am a resident of Gurgaon. I was suffering from Sarcoidosis which was first diagnosed in April 2015 through bronchoscopy. Initially, doctor asked for CT scan of my lungs which shown granuloma in my right lung and half of the lung was filled with the granuloma then they suggested bronchoscopy and after which various other tests were done and it was established that it was not cancerous and it is Sarcoidosis which is immuno disorder. Initially treatment was much extended.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: What were your symptoms?

Kamalendra: It was long cough in the morning sometimes sputum and minor blood stains were also seen in it. I was feeling breathlessness in the morning or whenever I do exercise or play cricket. I was not able to run or walk. Then they started giving me steroids as they told that normal immunosuppressant will not work, so they started with 30 mg dose and it was given for 3 months continuously and it has various side effects on my body like feeling anxiety, increased heart beats, sometimes I was not able to see in the night properly and sleep was also reduced to 4 to 5 hours because of steroids.

Dr. Meenakshi: How you came to know about Planet Ayurveda.

Kamalendra: As the process continues, they started giving me steroid then they start to reduce then started giving me a separate another medicine which can support the withdrawn of steroid but it always lapses. So again once it lapse, then they again started giving me steroid, again started with 40 mg and then reduce to 10mg, then again granuloma started coming in the lung. They started giving me methotex which is immunosuppressant and I read its use for cancer treatment. When the condition lapsed second time, I started searching over the net. Then I found your videos on net on which some patients of Sarcoidosis were treated in Planet Ayurveda. So I thought why not give it a try. And booked my Kalka shatabadi to Chandigarh.

Dr. Meenakshi: You belong to which place basically.

Kamalendra: Basically, I belong to Gurgaon. And came to your center first time, I think in January.

Dr. Meenakshi: What was your history and were you smoking?

Kamalendra: No, I was not a smoker, but occasionally in some party or somewhere.

Dr. Meenakshi: Do you have too much of cola drinks or hard drinks?

Kamalendra: Cola drinks were not frequent what might have sometimes or once but not frequent.

Dr. Meenakshi: Do you have a history of pneumonia, asthma or lung infection in childhood?

Kamalendra: No, I was a healthy child.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically it was some immune reaction to some antigen, which I believe is an antigen and antibody reaction in Sarcoidosis. When antigens from certain food enter our body and our body makes antibodies. Those antibodies attack the lymph channels and lymph glands and these glands become swollen specially around the windpipe, trachea, and bronchus and those mediastinal lymph nodes enlarged and those seen on x-ray and those antigens they usually come from in my opinion from some faulty proteins like from milk or milk products cheese and sometime from non-veg. So that can trigger an immune response.

Kamalendra: Allopathic doctor say they don't know the reason of it.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: But in Ayurveda heavy cheesy and greasy diet is its cause which leads to formation of Ama you can call it endotoxins, when body is not able to metabolize heavy food specially yogurt cheese, milk then you are not able to digest it and your digestive power is low, and that Ama mixed with Kapha that accumulates and slow down. It is like heavy sludge in sewerage and heavy in greasy and cheesy watery flowing. Flow is not so far that gets stuck in the lymph channel and that lymph will become swallon. So what is the treatment in Ayurveda? In Ayurveda we believe in digestion of Ama. When we burn that Ama and clean those channels or lymph nodes from obstruction, now what is best medicine to burn the Ama so best medicine is ginger. I recommend it and here I have written it I will hide your number so people will not disturb you. So I gave you Rumogin 5 and Boswellia-Curcumin because Rumogin is for rheumatoid arthritis. Purpose of this video is to tell them that it is possible to get rid of this deadly problem. So he was suffering from Sarcoidosis from 3-4 yrs. and now taking Ayurvedic treatment from last 6 months. So this is Rumogin and in 6 months, there is remarkable improvement. I gave him Kanchnaar Guggul to shrink the granulomatous tissues and as well as the lymph nodes. Rumogin is for cleaning the lymph channels and burn the Ama and convert the endotoxins to the end products. And blood gets clean. This Boswellia Curcumin is nature's best anti-inflammatory and it is better than steroids. Curcumin is fortified extract from the turmeric and I have seen results with this curcumin. So turmeric is nature's best anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and anti-allergic and it is anti-biotic also. So do you see any changes in your generalized immunity?

Kamalendra: Ya ya very much. Now, I can run on treadmill for 2 kms in gym.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That's very good and that's huge difference.

Kamalendra: Earlier, I was not able to run. Now I can walk on floors from from basement to my office and 3 floors easily I can walk.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So these are the new x-rays and old x-rays. So in this old x ray, you can see big granuloma tissue. So here black is good. Black is air and white is tissue and it is old x-ray of February 2018. And this is latest one and you can see this is more black. So by comparing old and new one you can see old is more white and new is blacker. Now the situation he can tell also that he can walk and run and things are improving. There is no fever or no feeling of fever. And not taking any steroids, or immunosuppressant and this is power of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is actually a treasure. You can find new remedies for all complicated problems in Ayurveda and it is already researched and well researched herbs by our ancient sages who roamed in various forests in search of different herbs for finding cure for different difficult diseases. And they have written everything in ancient texts. We in Ayurveda studying these different herbs and formulations and preparing these different formulations and giving them to our patients and we are getting wonderful results. So not only this Sarcoidosis but also other autoimmune disorders like ITP, nephrotic syndrome and so many other complicated disorders and we are getting very good results and I am very glad Mr. Kamal that you experienced the results of Ayurveda.

Kamalendra: Ya, it's a turnaround in my life also. One and half year ago, I have stopped long term planning. I was not finding the desired results and every time I study over the net, I found that more it spread, it can damage the lungs and maximum life span may be a 4-5-6 yrs. So that was very depressing.

Dr. Meenakshi: What exactly the diet plan you were following?

Kamalendra: In diet plan I almost quit the milk in my diet. I was having tea or green tea in the morning with honey. Milk I have completely stopped. Dairy products like butter, cheese. I start taking dinner early in the night. Light food I was having. I have also reduced lemon. So these few changes I have done.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically, in Sarcoidosis the dietary restriction which I tell to my patient. Whenever you are suffer from cough and cold situation, you should avoid all milk products and citrus i.e. sour products and cold things.

Kamalendra: Ya, I was having normal water.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: All those things which irritate your throat, those which are responsible for respiratory infections, such things should be avoided and food warm in nature, warm vegetable soups they are very good for Sarcoidosis patients.

Dr. Meenakshi: Also ginger and black pepper also good.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: They are good for digestive fire.

Dr. Meenakshi: So what message you want to convey to patients with this problem.

Kamalendra: So my message is believed in Ayurveda and believes it with heart. Follow it properly, it shows result. May be it will take time but it will definitely show you the results. You have to follow the instructions properly and you have to follow the diet plan and follow it properly and it will definitely show you the results. Allopathic to some diseases like Sarcoidosis and some autoimmune disorders does not have any answer; they just put you on steroids, which is not a medicine. It actually starts deteriorating your health. With it, you have side effects with slight change in the weather you will get cold, cough and viral infections which are very common when you are on steroids. So it's better to believe in Ayurveda.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: It is an avaguna science of India.

Kamalendra: Ya follow the instructions and it will show you the results. I am happy.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thanks a lot kamal ji and wish you a healthy life.

Dr. Meenakshi: Thank you

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thank you


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