Alternative Treatment for Scleroderma - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello mam, Hello sir

Female: Namaskar

Male: Namaskar

Interviewer: I welcome both of you to Planet Ayurveda. Mam what's your name?

Female: Savitri

Interviewer: What's your name sir?

Male: Mahender

Interviewer: From where both of you have come?

Mahender: Kota, Rajasthan.

Interviewer: Are you husband and wife?

Mahender: No, but we are relatives.

Interviewer: Mam as your treatment is going on here, so can you tell us what health issues you have for which you came here?

Savitri: Sir I have Scleroderma, for which I didn't get proper treatment anywhere so for this problem I came here.

Interviewer: You have scleroderma.

Savitri: Yes.

Interviewer: Since how long you are suffering from this problem?

Savitri: Sir, it is from 2006.

Mahender: About 10 to 15 years.

Interviewer: So from where you have taken treatment?

Savitri: I have not left any doctor in Kota to whom I have not went for treatment. They all denied treatment by saying that it has no treatment.

Interviewer: Ok, so you are taking allopathic treatment from long time, have you shown yourself to other system of medicines other than allopathy?

Savitri: No

Interviewer: So first time you tried Ayurveda here at DR Vikram Chauhan?

Savitri: Yes

Interviewer: So how you came to know about DR Vikram Chauhan?

Savitri: Sir I came to know through net.

Interviewer: So there on net you watched video or something else?

Savitri: We watched a video.

Mahender: We searched on net about Scleroderma there we watched only ad of Dr. Vikram Chauhan and then we watched whole video and then we thought we should meet him, and he might able to solve our problem. So after that we came to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Interviewer: So you came here three months back.

Mahender: Yes we have come here three months back.

Interviewer: Ok, so it's about three months you are taking treatment from here, so how much relief you have got after getting treatment from here.

Savitri: Sir I am feeling satisfied now or you can say 100 out of 100, I am feeling well.

Interviewer: Ok you have relief now and still treatment will be continue for some time but you are feeling much better now.

Savitri: Yes

Interviewer: So what type of medicines doctor have given you, I want to show your prescription to viewer. This is your today'sprescription, these are the medicines of your next course, Mam, did you brought any changes in your dietary habits according to Dr. Chauhan.

Savitri: Sir, I avoided all the milk products like milk, curd, buttermilk etc.

Interviewer: So milk and other dairy products you avoided as suggested by Dr. Vikram Chauhan and took these medicines for three months and you have 100% relief from this problem?

Savitri: Yes, me and my whole family have lost hope of getting cure.

Interviewer: What kind of problems you faced in this illness?

Savitri: Stiffness in skin, pain in hand, feet, fingers.

Mahender: There were formation of wounds all over body which did not heal properly, even after taking lots of medicines, skin of that particular area also gets destroyed and convert into dark black spots with severe pain in it.

Savitri: After coming to doctor Chauhan I also shown myself to some doctor in Kota he suggested amputation of my finger but now my finger is fine after getting treatment from here.

Mahender: In allopathic where ever there was a wound, doctor`s amputate that part as it doesn't cure and even wound formed after also not cured. But after taking treatment from DR Vikram Chauhan all these wounds have cured and skin has become much better now.

Savitri: The finger they told to amputate has cured now with medicines.

Interviewer: It's a very good thing.

Mahender: Wounds have cured now.

Interviewer: Mam, what message you want to convey to our viewers who will watch this video?

Savitri: Sir, I want to tell that all such type of patient should visit here and they will surely feel better, even person like me who have lost all hope can be cured, so everyone can also.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you mam, thank you sir. You both came to Planet Ayurveda and gave this informative message to our viewers. Thank you.


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