Alternative Treatment for Crohn's Disease - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Mam, what's your name and from where you two have come?

Females: Hello, my name is Ramanpreet Kaur and I have come from near Dhuri.

Interviewer: What was your problem and for what problem you were taking treatment here?

Ramanpreet: I was diagnosed with Crohn's diseases; it was very chronic in nature about 9-10 years. I took lots of medicines mostly allopathic and homoepathic too. I felt ok till I keep taking my medicines. After stopping treatment again problem arises. I was losing my weight and there was excessive bleeding too.

Interviewer: Ok, so you have ulcerative colitis.

Ramanpreet: Yes

Interviewer: From how many years it was happening.

Ramanpreet: 9-10 yrs.

Interviewer: What's your age?

Ramanpreet: I am 24.

Interviewer: How you consult DR Chauhan?

Ramanpreet: I watched his video on YouTube, as I was having lots of stress due to this problem and my homeopathic medicine was also going on but my bleeding was not stopping then I watched his video.

Interviewer: When you watched the video?

Ramanpreet: One year back.

Interviewer: So from one year you are consulting DR Chauhan, before that from where you were taking the treatment?

Ramanpreet: I was taking homeopathic treatment from dhuri and before that from Patiala I have taken treatment in allopathic too, and from Ludhiana also but I was getting no relief as I was losing my weight and hair loss was also there. But now I have no such problem.

Interviewer: Ok, there was weight loss, hair fall and what else symptoms were there?

Ramanpreet: I was having weakness, anxiety, bleeding was there; even my Hemoglobin was only 5-6 gm.

Interviewer: Was there mucus and blood in stool?

Ramanpreet: Yes, I passed stool about 7 times a day, there was pain in abdomen too. And in night also have to pass stool 2-3 times too.

Interviewer: When you consulted DR Chauhan, after how much time you started getting effect.

Ramanpreet: First we took medicines for 15 days and within 15 days I started getting results. My motions were stopped; there was a relief from the pain. After that I started taking regular medicines.

Interviewer: So from one year you are taking medicines but you get results in 15 days. Now how much relief you have now.

Ramanpreet: I am 100% fine now and now I am going to stop the medicines.

Interviewer: Ok now you are stopping your treatment.

Ramanpreet: Yes

Interviewer: So what medicines you were taking please show your prescription with our patients.

Ramanpreet: I was taking kutajghan vati, kutajparpati vati, Prawal panchamrit, vatsakadi Churna, Hemoclin, Arjuna cap., mukta panchamrit and changed according to symptoms.

Interviewer: Now what is the frequency of passing stool?

Ramanpreet: Now one or two times not more than that.

Interviewer: And what about mucus and blood or any other kind of stress.

Ramanpreet: Now everything is fine. If there is any small problem I talk to Dr. Chauhan.

Interviewer: Otherwise, you are 100% fine.

Ramanpreet: Yes

Interviewer: You are her mother, mam.

Mother: Yes

Interviewer: Mam you have seen her condition. Please share your experience about her with our viewers?

Mother: She was in very bad condition, we have left our hope about her life and we carry her from here to there for treatment. Then, Took to Ludhiana, her hair fall started.

Ramanpreet: I had a severe hair fall and now it's fine.

Interviewer: So get relief from these medicines.

Mother: It's like we met god here.

Interviewer: So what message you want to give to our viewer about Planet Ayurveda and its medicines?

Mother: It is very good. And have very good results in such type of problems.

Interviewer: Please tell about your diet and how you follow the diet chart.

Ramanpreet: I was provided with diet chart here and Dr. Chauhan told me not to take milk and its related product. But can take curd, avoided sour, citrus fruits like lemon, orange etc. And oily food items and outside eating was not allowed. So everyone with this problem should strictly follow the diet and by taking these medicines they will be cured.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for your feedback. We are very happy that you got cured and god always keeps you healthy. Thank you.


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