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Dear Doctor Chauhan,

I have taken your prostate formulas for 2 months with good results.
Have a friend that had excellent results with your Kidney formulas.
I am impressed with the quality of your products
I am wondering if you see patients in the USA.
Do you visit the New York area?
Do you need help with distribution?

Yours in Good Fortune,


Hello Dr.Vikram Chauhan,

I just want to give update about the results of your medicine usage, I feel more energy full, want to walk more and more physical activity, my constipation almost finished and also my English medicine for diabetes decrease from 6mg tab to 2mg tablet once a day, because may be your medicine have lowering glucose effect as well, now I want to switch to your diabetes medicine slowly.
Please prescribe.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan
Scotland U.K


Hello Dr.Vikram,

I want to give you an update. My dad feels better with his Fistula issue now. He just continued to take the same medicines you suggested and he is feeling less pain and irritation. He is running out of the medicines.

Thanks for your help



Hello Dr. Vikram !

Just wanted to give you an update on the " Kaishore Guggul" Oh my goodness this is some amazing stuff, the stiffness i have is almost gone, thanks so much!

!! Have a blessed day !

Katherine - USA


Hi Dr Vikram

I have only taken the medicine for 4 days and I've already seen major difference. My bleeding has stopped and my stools are now formed. I am taking all the medicine together at the same time, is this correct method? Also, I have type 2 diabetes and just wanted to ask if the medicine was safe to take?



Hello Dr. Chauhan!

Your video about the Phyllanthus Niruri was very helpful.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and I was looking for a natural remedy for Kidney and Bladder stones and came across Chanca Piedra. When I saw the photo, I recognized it! It grows in my yard. But there was no information on how to take it fresh from the plant. So I was very happy to see your video. So I am taking it the same way you showed in the video. I eat about eight leaves and I noticed a very quick relief of back pain. By 2 days, my pain was lessened.

Thank you for your wonderful tips and keep up the great work!

Kandace Singh


Hello doctor

I m taking your medicine yakrit palihantak churan for last 2 weeks and it's incredible. For few years I had been suffering from liver disease of indigestion , gastric and skin rashes. My liver had been severely damaged by inflammation but after taking your medicines I am feeling better.

Thank you doctor.


Dear Dr. Vikram Chauhan!!!

How are you Doctor?

My husband and I feel more energy and I feel younger after taking about 5 weeks the Fertiliaids from your herbals that you suggested that I ordered. I was using the ovulation test and I thinkI was ovulated on last Monday. We when had and try to make baby.

I hope that I conceived doctor. May I continue to keep taking the Fertiliaids herbals or should I stop? Please tell me doctor. Thank you very much Doctor!!! Have a very nice day Doctor

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We do want to order some more of the Go Ricch hair oil... it is just amazing! I have been using it and everyone asks me about how great it smells. And I do notice a difference in my hair growth so I want Gio to start using it also. Would you like me to create that order so it can be sent together in one box?

Namaste, Heather


Dear Dr. Vikram, how are you???

I hope , you are not tired of your works,I hope after all of this people's in Macedonia -you will go in your country with biggest smile on your face. Now I want to tell you : "You are happy man"-you have so much positive energy and something else ( I don't know what) now I am so happy,I feel beautiful,I can't explain what is happening with me!
Please send hello to your family ---GOD BLESS YOU ---all of you
Send hello to India ---bye doctor, see you on June--- I wish you safe trip!!!
Best regards from : Emilija, Dragan and my beautiful son Marin



Good evening Dr,

I just would like to inform Dr that after using the anti-cyst medicines that I've purchased from Dr for almost 2 months, I found out that my daughter's cyst no longer exist there during her recent hospital check up . I would like to thank you for that. And I also would like to know whether should I continue the medicine for another cycle or how should i go about? Will there be any side effects if I want to continue the medication?

Thank you


This is a video testimonial by Mr. Robert in response to Dr. Meenakshi's video about Home remedies for Diabetes.

I am very happy and thankful to Dr Vikram Chauhan.

I had been diagnosed with Intestinal Colitis problem before 1.5 years.

The doctors horrified me by telling me to have an urgent surgery of rs 50,000 and other tests too.

When I came to PlanetAyurveda, Dr Vikram very mildly assured me of NO surgery and he prescribed me ayurvedic medicines.

And it was cured in 1 month. I also followed the precautions and diet advised by Dr Vikram. I am all fully recovered in just 2 months. You will really get cured if you follow his diet rules also.

Thanks a lot Planet Ayurveda.


Dear Professor Chauhan,

Now, there is the time, I have to report to you on the Hungarian Case (i.e. Mr. E. Kiss) who has been treated according to your advices and medicine being sent.

I am happy to inform you, the las MRI scan showe a significant reduction in size of the bigger terime by 2 cm and a slight decrease in size of the smaller (i.e. 2-4 mm(. The patinet is well, his quality of life has been improved, he is able to walk, maintain himself alon at home, etc. The family and myself are very thankful for the prolongation of his life in good quality!. My very important question is: what 's next? He has taken your ayurvedic preparate for 6 months alltogether and we reached a significan improvement after 6 months. Should we continue it for an additional 3 months? Or have you a maintainance therapy for the fortoming years?. In case of continuation we have to organize the transport. Therefore -in case it is convenient for you - I am waiting for your reply, soon.

I am very thankful for your kind contribution in improving the health and saving the life of my friend!

Very best regards

George Blaskˇ MD., PhD., DSc.
professor of medicine

A quick "Thank You" note from Gauri Das

Dear Dr. Meenakshi,

I wanted to inform you that finally my colon is showing signs of recovery:)

I am extremely thankful to you for helping me, guiding me, and most importantly, counselling me at each step of the way in this difficult journey with Ulcerative Colitis.

It is almost a dream come true for me to survive without Mesacol OD and Prednisolone on a daily basis! I still have occasional pain in my colon, but this is nothing compared to what I was 2 months back...

I will keep you posted with my condition from time to time. Once I recover fully, I will spread the word to my friends and family who are suffering from this problem for years. I must say, I could NOT have come this far without your prompt responses to my emails, your carefully scrutiny on my condition, and your regular advice on my medicines and diet.

I do owe my heartfelt thanks to the gentleman in this video on youtube who was the only reason I approached you from miles away:

May God Bless you and your organization for giving people like us ANOTHER chance to live!

Heartfelt thanks!

Gauri Das

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