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Hello DR.Vikram

I just want to say thankyou and way to go on these supplements.I've noticed a difference just in two days.I feel great with this stuff I'm a new and profound man ha ha"this stuff is very very, interesting I mean these supplements make an impact on what we call the {man tool} do you know what I mean.I've noticed some thickness in that area so what I would like to know is will this stuff make me bigger as well? and if not what do you have to do so.I've seen so much stuff that has been advertised here so much in the states that I know theirs a lot of unnatural stuff involved that probably won't work for most people.i'd like to aquire something all natural that will increase size and that won't harm me and my bloodpressure.thanks once again. Ps.I hope your having a good time in London your friend - William Bowden– USA


My father was suffering from Hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis, doctors advised for liver transplantation as according to their diagnosis the liver was damaged 75 % but when I've consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he told me that ayurveda has such capabilities that can recover the liver damage for about 80% and I followed him and now my father is feeling well and quite all right. I am thankful to Dr. Chauhan

Dr. Shailendra Singh Bhadauria
Assistant Professor
Industrial and Production Engg
NIT Jalandhar- Punjab- India


I would like to thank Dr Vikram Chauhan for his help in treating sarcoidosis of my fiancee. We discovered that she was having sarcoidosis during an X-ray check and decided to use herbs rather than chemicals to fix the problem. The course consisted of Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin and Aloe Vera. During 4 months we progressively took X-rays monthly and saw the inflammation in the lungs decreasing after each month of treatment. We are happy to see the results and how herbs can treat such complex problems.

Andriy Dyukov, Melbourne


I run a trust for street dogs by the name of Indigree Angels Trust, New Delhi ( ). A year ago I was struggling with urinary incontinence that two female dogs were suffering from and finding allopathy had no cure for it. At a chance meeting with another client of Dr. Chauhan I heard of his successful ayurvedic treatments for humans as well as dogs and got in touch with him. The medicine worked miraculously. Within three days of his prescribed ayurveda my dogs stopped leaking all together. It was a huge relief for all of us. Now I turn to Ayurveda first for all the dogs we look after.

I fully believe in the power of ayurveda and its ability to cure and root out diseases like no other form of medication. Allopathy is largely based on suppressing disease and all medicines have side effects which can often create much more damage than one started out with. Ayurveda on the other hand addresses the cause of the disease and roots it out with no side effects. Why would one want to use allopathy when the benefits of Ayurveda are so holistic.

In this world of quick fixes we tend to veer towards allopathy but ayurveda in my experience is safer, as fast acting and has long term and lasting effects.

I am very grateful to Doctors like Mr. Chauhan for his wonderful contribution in the field of Ayurveda and for making it possible for people like us to have access to this great and scientific healing based on the wonderful wisdom of the sages of India.

Apo Deepo Bhava ~ Be a light unto yourself.

Anusheh - New Delhi
Dated- 16.08.2012


Hello Dr. Vikram Chauhan

I am writing this note to let you know that I have been taking your ovarian cyst pack for about 2 1/2 months now. I recently went back to my physician for a follow up sonogram to check the status of my cyst. I am happy to inform you that my cyst has disappeared. I am planning on continuing to take pradarantrak churna, and the other remedies which were included in the anti-ovarian cyst pack.

I have noticed that the severe back pain and breast tenderness that I had experienced monthly is GREATLY reduced - not sure if this is a result of the remedies above - but I am feeling much better.

I thought you might be interested in these results. I have since ordered another supply of the ovarian cyst pack and plan to re-order when that supply runs out.

Thank you for your help.
PS. I have also been taking the additional "curcumin".

Thx God and ur medicines I have been feeling much much better,my abdomen is smaller it don't feel heavy,i can walk freely,everythings getting better,no more dizziness,and my stamina is getting better too.Thanks alot!

Bradley- Hongkong
Dated- 05.07.2007

Hi Dr. Vikram,

just want to let you know that I had all kinds of testing done last month and was told that my lungs are too good at this time for a transplant and they did not put me on the list. I find out in April if there is any progression. I am still taking all of the herbs and feeling really good. My cough is a lot better and my oxygen level stays around 97% even if I am walking for 30 min. or so. I walk an hour every day and take your herbs, nothing else. Thanks so much for your interest.

Charles - Mexico
Dated- 12.02.2008

Dr. Meenaxi and Dr. Vikram

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude for all of your helpful consultation/advice towards myself and my family's health.  Your herbs have not only proven to be extremely beneficial, but have given me such a great sense of energetic peace within.

The Arogayavardhni Vati and Sanjivani Vati have and continue to do an excellent detoxing job on my liver...and it has only been two (2) months since I started.  I had such a problem with my digestive system and losing weight.  My bloating has gotten much better, and my stomach almost never distends now after meals.  My skin is now supple, soft, smooth, and has such a healthy glow.  For several years now, I had lost the feeling to "Dance for the Emperor" (a phrase I use when I am feeling the most happiest) ... and now, I not only feel to "Dance for the Emperor" but also do flips and cartwheels for him.

I know I still have a long way to go regarding getting my health in top shape, but I only think it is fair that I take the time out to let you both know how grateful I am for all that you have done for me.  I shall continue to refer you and your company to others who are able to benefit from your wonderful work.

Thank you again and ... Namaste!

Aileen - USA
Dated- 04.10.2011

Dr Chauhan,

Two or three months ago, my sister spent 3 weeks at the hospital. She has diabete type 2 and got swelling problem. I was looking at the internet and found your website. I ordered the "Punarnava Mandoor" for her. After taking one bottle no more swelling and she said now she can see clearly. Everyone here is very happy because most of the time she was at the hospital. She went back to North Carolina (NC) and told me she got an order for her diabete neuropathy. I went to my haitian church, explained that and gave your 2 websites. You will see people in Georgia (GA) order for diabete, high blood pressure etc.

I have 2 questions Dr Chauhan. I ordered the "Amla Saar" can my daughter 14 years old can also drink it? and most of the time I wear contacts because my glasses are very thick (-7). Do you have a remedy to help me with that please?

Thank you for your time.

Marie Garline Morisset
4151 Defoors farm Dr
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Date: 09-08-2013

Hello Dr. Vikram,

My Dad wanted me to let you know that the lady we bought the sarpagandha for has had some amazing results. Her blood pressure is now 113/69 and that is the lowest it has ever been. Even the doctor's medicine and doctors could not even get her pressure down but the sarpagandha powder did it.

Thanks, Brenda


Dear Sir,

Yesterday I checkup the Ultrasound neck in focus diagnostic faridabad,

there is 35% improvement in 3 lymph node sites and 15 to 20% improvement in other lymph nodes and thyroid nodes 5 in nos. were not found at all, (i.e. completely finished) in report in 5 month after taking your treatment.....

Babu Ram Yadav
H.No.566 (First Floor) Gopy Colony (Near Tube-well Park)
Old Faridabad,Haryana 121002

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