Is it Possible to Treat ITP in Ayurveda? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Sir.

Male: Hello

Interviewer: I welcome you both to Planet Ayurveda. Sir, what is your name?

Male: Anil Kumar Yadav

Interviewer: And what is your name Sir?

Male: My name is Manik Yadav

Interviewer: From where you two have come?

Anil: We have come from Bihar.

Interviewer: Who was the patient between you two?

Anil: I was the patient Sir.

Interviewer: Sir, for what health issue you contacted Planet Ayurveda?

Anil: I was diagnosed with ITP in December 2017.

Interviewer: December 2018?

Anil: December 2017.

Interviewer: When was this problem of ITP diagnosed for the first time?

Anil: In December 2017.

Interviewer: What type of symptoms you were having and how did you come to know that you are having this problem?

Anil: There were rashes all over the body, bleeding was also there. I also felt weakness. Then I went to hospital where doctors told me that your platelet count has become low. Then they sent me to Faridabad hospital, then somebody told me that you would not be able to do your treatment here and suggested me to go to Manavata Hospital, so I went there. There, I was admitted in ICU for 7 days but got no relief from there. From there I was sent to AIIMS and I had undergone blood transfusion there where blood was donated by 8-10 people which resulted in increase in my platelets count but it was for very short time of 1-2 months. Then again I got admitted to AIIMS. So like this in 2-2.5 months my platelets were getting low. So I kept going to AIIMS and kept taking wysolon steroid.

Interviewer: How much mg of wysolone you were taking?

Anil: I was taking 50 mg, but sometimes doctors lowered its dose to 40 mg, 30 mg and when its dose reached 10 mg then again my platelets got low. Then again I have to get admitted. Then again blood transfusion was done. So this process was repeated for 4-5 times.

Interviewer: What was the minimal decrease in your platelets count?

Anil: Minimum count of platelets was 1000.

Interviewer: Ok platelets reaching to 1000 was very dangerous situation.

Manik: When his count was 1000 then transfusion of platelets was done through someone, then the count reached 9000. After that, they discharged him from AIIMS. Then, after one month his count reached 40,000. Then we came here. We saw video of Dr. Vikram Chauhan on YouTube, then we came here.

Anil: So, this is my report of AIIMS where my count is 40000. We took treatment for 15 days by Planet Ayurveda. Medicine was written for one month but as we did not believe.

Interviewer: From which month you started your medicine?

Anil: We started our medicine from 26th September and it was only for 15 days, as I thought medicines were costly. But, within 15 days my platelets reached 1,60,000.

Interviewer: So exactly since how long you are taking medicine?

Anil: So after taking it for 15 days, I again took it for 1 month and then again took it for 1 month. After that, my platelet count reached to 1,70,000. I came here three times, when it reached 1,70,000 then I again took medicines for 2 months . After taking your medicines, I had undergone tests the day before yesterday. In this report my platelet count is 1,72,000. This is my latest report. So today again I have come to doctor to take medicines.

Interviewer: From the time you started taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda, your platelets are increasing continuously and are not reducing.

Anil: Yes Sir, I have no problem.

Interviewer: And what about symptoms, and how are you feeling now?

Anil: Since I have started treatment from here, I have no issues. I started doing my work too.

Interviewer: So you are feeling physically fit and your platelets are also increasing.

Anil: Now I am able to do my work but before taking treatment from here, I had to visit AIIMS every month and got admitted there.

Interviewer: It means you were finding no solution with allopathy as your platelets were increased once and then decreased.

Anil: Yes, you have to keep taking wysolon 50 mg which keep maintaining your platelets but it caused lots of swelling and problem to me. So I watched the video on mobile and after watching this video we came here.

Interviewer: Are you taking your allopathic treatment now or you have stopped it?

Anil: Since 20-22 days we have stopped the treatment which we were taking from AIIMS.

Interviewer: Ok you have stopped it.

Manik: Because Sir told us to stop them gradually.

Anil: As Sir has told us to stop it gradually and we have stopped it from the last 20 days.

Interviewer: Gradually they have decreased your dose of wysolon and then they might have stopped it.

Anil: Yes sir

Manik: First he decreased it to 10 mg, then 5 mg and then we stopped it.

Anil: Then we stopped it, and now it's been about 20 days since I have stopped it.

Interviewer: Did Doctor Sahab suggest any dietary restrictions in your diet?

Anil: Yes, he suggested some changes, and we did some changes in our diet, and the medicines which doctor sahab have given to us is very effective. And if I do something wrong then still there is nothing wrong happens to me.

Interviewer: So this Ayurvedic treatment has magical effect upon you.

Anil: The way doctor sahab had suggested me diet restrictions, if I had followed all of them my platelet count might have reached 2,50,000 .

Interviewer: Don't worry it will get improved and we have so many testimonials of our patients and many of them have cured.

Anil: I am taking these medicines by believing on doctor and believe is the biggest thing.

Interviewer: Yes sir, you have to believe in Ayurveda and only then you will be cured.

Manik: Sir during the start of the treatment, we didn't have any faith on Ayurvedic system that's why we took medicines for 15 days only.

Interviewer: Yes, it happens.

Manik: After taking medicines for 15 days, platelet count reached 1,60,000, then we got the faith and we took medicines for 1 month. And next time we took it for two months. And this time also we are taking it for two months as it is also written here.

Interviewer: So is this your latest prescription?

Manik: Yes Sir, it is for 2 months.

Anil: Doctor has told me that I have to take these medicines for 6 months and I will be cured completely.

Interviewer: Sir there are our viewers who are watching this video, for them, what message do you want to give through this video?

Anil: I want to tell that whosoever is taking treatment from here should have faith and all of them would be cured. I have faith that I will be cured too. I want that everyone should once believe the medicines given by the doctor are completely safe and effective. For me Doctor Sahab is like a God as I have come here after taking so much medicines which did not show any results. I have full faith on Doctor Sahib, and I also want to tell everybody to have faith on him and take medicines with full faith and everybody will be cured.

Manik: Don't waste your money. By seeing his video come here directly and have faith on him.

Anil: We have also come here after seeing the video and now we don't visit AIIMS anymore which was very hectic for us. The doctor we met here is like a God and is very good in nature and because of him I am standing healthy in front of you otherwise I had become very lean. So now anybody who sees me, they say that is there any swelling in your body? I tell them my health has improved.

Interviewer: So your health is improving.

Anil: I have no swelling and this is my health. I request everybody to take treatment from here and he is a very good doctor, have faith.

Manik: For ITP patients, this treatment is very good.

Anil: If I happen to visit AIIMS again then there I will tell them to visit here and have treatment from here. You will also start believing when you will start taking treatment. Like when we came here and questioned everybody and took treatment only for 15 days but we were wrong. He is very good and like a God to us. And God bless him and all the medicines he prescribed will cure everybody.

Interviewer: Ok thank you Anil Ji for your valuable time and giving lots of knowledge to our viewers. I hope they will like this video and will also follow Ayurveda if they have ITP or other health related issues.

Anil: Namaskar!


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