Lower Down Your Increased Creatinine Levels without Dialysis in CKD - Real Testimonial

Interviewer:- Namaste Rajesh Ji!!

Interviewee:- Namaste!

Interviewer:- I would like to welcome you at Planet Ayurveda Centre. Your Mother is taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- So, what was her health issue for which she is taking treatment from here?

Interviewee:- She is suffering from CKD, it is a Kidney problem.

Interviewer:- When was it diagnosed?

Interviewee:- It was diagnosed, 2 years back, before creatinine level was 3-4. Three months back it went up to10-13.

Interviewer:- So how you came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

Interviewee:- I tried many doctors but, I did not get much relief. Creatinine level was same.

Interviewer:- Where have you rushed for treatment?

Interviewee:- I consulted doctors from Delhi, Banaras and Allahabad, but the creatinine level did not come down.

Interviewer:- So what was the highest level of creatinine reached?

Interviewee:- Maximum!! 13.5

Interviewer:- So how you came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and how you thought that you must consult here?

Interviewee:- I saw video of Dr. Vikram, so I planned to meet.

Interviewer:- So how much time you have taken allopathic medicines?

Interviewee:- As my mother is a diabetic, it has been last 20 years for diabetes medicines.

Interviewer:- For kidney issues, when the treatment was started in allopathy?

Interviewee:- Two year in allopathic, since CKD was diagnosed.

Interviewer:- But the creatinine level was not stable, it was increasing.

Interviewee:- Yes, it didn`t come down with allopathic medicines.

Interviewer:- I would like to know when did you come to take medicine from Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee:- 12 days ago, I met Dr. Vikram and consulted. I took the medicine for 15 days. I got this result in just 12 days.

Interviewer:- What was the creatinine level of you mother when you came here?

Interviewee:- 13.05

Interviewer:- So your mother had taken 12-15 days medicine from here, so what is the level of creatinine in recent report.

Interviewee:- 3.9

Interviewer:- A good result, your mother got. Kindly show the old and new reports of your mother to our viewers.

Interviewee:- Actually it's in my mobile. You can see.

Interviewer:- It's a report of July 21, 2018. Urea is 113 and creatinine is 13.05

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- This test report was collected before contacting Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- So when the treatment started by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, which kind of medicines were prescribed?

Interviewee:- There were 4 medicines.

Interviewer:- Kindly show the prescription to our viewers.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- Medicines are Rencure Formula, Punarnava Capsules, Bhring Raj Aasav, Syp Nephralka, Mutrakichantak Churna and Varunadi Vati. The treatment was started here on July 24th, 2018. All the history of patient is also marked on this.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- Kindly show the report after starting the treatment from here.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- In new report creatinine level is 3.9. Did Dr. Vikram Chauhan prescribed any changes in the diet?

Interviewee:- No, Not much.

Interviewer:- Medicines gave good results.

Interviewee:- Yes.

Interviewer:- What Message you want to give to our viewers who are watching this video now and most of them, may be affected by same problem?

Interviewee:- I would like to say that who are suffering from CKD they must consult Dr. Vikram. They might get benefited as I did.

Interviewer:- Thanks Sir you came to Planet Ayurveda center and provided our viewers with such good information.

Interviewee:- Thank You!!!


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