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"Suddenly that day doctors turned off the machines and then we made a choice to fight from our heart, our faith and belief had faded away in the darkness of reality. My grandfather John Garrett lost his battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy on April 21st, 2014 which was a black day for us. He died from complications of heart failure, he had spent the last 2 months in the death bed of hospital with a ventilator which provides you more time to be with your loved ones and last step for the soul before leaving the body. This was the bravest incident I have ever witnessed and he will always be remembered for the valiant fight he had fought"

Being closest to my grandpa as I grew up with him in California, it was difficult for me to let him and his memories go like this. Days passed so does the pain as it is said "Time heals everything", we got busy with our kids and hustle for a living. We had to move on with a heavy heart, there is not a single day when I don't miss my grandpa. Anyways, like every parent, I'll begin by giving my son's age. Joey was 6 years old and a joyful kid studying in 1stgrade, the significance of the age is very obvious to us. He was in an age when he was growing day by day in front of my eyes and in that critical phase of life with a tragic arc where every single second, day and year counts. Joey was a happy and active kid who participated in every event whether sports, drama, debate, etc. He would bring a gold medal every other month with an overwhelming smile on his face. He loves traveling, swimming, riding his bicycle, and painting. He was doing everything I have ever wanted as a kid, this is the biggest accomplishment for me as a mother. All this doesn't mean he was not facing any challenges, he started having cognitive delay scientifically speaking which cause a child to develop and learn slower than a normal child. He is old enough to feel the difference between the abilities of other kids and in himself. Still, life is treating him fine till now.

After 24 months…

Years passed, each day he is growing up with dreams and being more optimistic about his bright future. Today we are celebrating his 8th birthday, he was very excited about the preparations, his customized cake with a superman on it. He was all shouting "Dad where are the balloons which I have bought?" Then Robert, my better half, Joey's superstar and our strength would calmly reply to all his babyish queries. We all three were so excited and full of joy. Somewhere, I wished to freeze these moments and stay in our current reality. This brings me to what I dread the most, Joey at this age might not know the fact how much better is life now then it will never be. His birthday party started, cut the cake and had dinner with all the guests. Joey was very happy by the end of the day and slept early with all his gifts by his side. Robert and I were still up with the fear that his symptoms are getting noticeable day by day and he might have got the same genes mutations which were running in family. Another morning while having tea I was missing my grandpa and his painful journey with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Suddenly got tucked by noticing what if Joey suffered from the same problem? But I heard his voice which said: "Where is my bag mom?" This automatically pops the bubble of dreadful thoughts.

After one week…

That day began when the brutal reality had landed, he couldn't get up from his bed and finding difficulty to stand on his own. After the clinical analysis and examinations, he went through, we got that news there was a steady decline in muscle strength, mobility and stamina day by day. My heart knows that without help because I have seen that earlier also. According to doctors and my research, by age 10 he might become dependent on braces for walking. And by age 13, he had to use a wheelchair for a lifetime. Though, in my heart, I knew that this is not the end and I went for help in social clubs, organizations and research centers. There was still a ray of hope within me which is realizing me that joy and series of happy moments would still go on.

Waiting for a ray of hope…

Today I saw Joey more incapable and getting low day by day, at that moment I promised myself I will break this chain of mutation which was running in family. I pray daily, powerful energy who is enlightening me daily and giving me the strength to fight with this. Miraculously while coming back from work I saw one banner of Ayurvedic treatment, at that very first thought that I remembered was my high school classes about traditional treatment. Being a medical student I was aware of the fact that this science of life can be the route that can help Joey overcoming this. Thanks to this amazing breakthrough which made it possible to get everything back on the track again.

Race against time…

For about six months, we tried every possible way and provided Joey with speaking trial classes, Yoga and Ayurveda as I have decided to follow the natural method for treatment. Though I have never been to India, I was a huge fan of its diversity and tradition. Before this, we were totally dependent on modern medicines which were only suppressing the condition. Now, till this time we have been introduced to a great organization named Planet Ayurveda. This organization is based in Punjab (India), founded by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Planet Ayurveda is providing valuable and soulful services globally through all the valid and available retail sources, also, the resellers and distributors who have dedicated their lives to improve public health. Here in Queensland (Australia), we consulted Yogi (founder of Yoga Peedam) and the verified reseller of Planet Ayurveda, she gave us the gift of lord in form of the herbal supplements manufactured by Planet Ayurveda, these were: Musli Strength, Ashwagandha Capsules, Green Essential, Boswellia Curcumin, Suvarna Basant Malti Ras and Atirasadi Churna. Joey was lucky enough that he started this treatment before situations got worse. He didn't take time to sit and walk properly, a few months back he had started facing respiratory problems that too have reduced now.

Hope for the future!!

For Joey, Robert and me, the time is now, down the road is not too far for him to walk now. He has his chance here and now. Let it be true that this is the beginning of the heights he will yet achieve. For all the readers, at some point, I was also reading the same series of moments but you have the solution now. Don't get delayed and don't lose hope till the end, go for the same footprints in the sand of time on which I have walked and found out Ayurveda, Planet Ayurveda.

"You will find a way or you will make one"

Thanks to Planet Ayurveda!!!

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