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Cystitis is the sharp and painful inflammation of the bladder, whereas urethritis is the inflammation of urethra. Urethra is the tube through which the urine travels from the bladder to the outside. Cystitis and urethritis are usually caused by bacterial infection. The bacteria involved are often normally found in the rectum, colon and vagina. These bacteria invade the urinary tract and cause infection together with inflammation. Cystitis and urethritis are more common in women and usually during the sexually active years. The shortness of the female urethra and its close relationship with the vagina makes it highly prone to bacteria. Urethritis can result if the urethra is bruised during sexual intercourse. The symptoms are so similar to those of cystitis and are common in women who have just started having intercourse; it is also called 'honeymoon cystitis'. Contraceptives have also been observed to cause cystitis and urethritis. In men, cystitis and urethritis most often occur due to an infection of the prostate spreading to the bladder and urethra. Sexually transmitted or venereal diseases such as gonorrhea can also cause urethritis in both males and females.

The common symptoms of cystitis and urethritis include a frequent urge to pass urine, burning pain, urination several times at night, blood in the urine and a strong or fishy smell of the urine. The patients may suffer from fever, dull ache in lower abdomen and back. These symptoms may indicate that the infection has spread to the kidneys and consultation of a doctor is absolutely necessary.


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The concerned doctor may send a urine specimen for analysis. The prescription of medicines includes antibiotics and further treatment comprises of flushing out the bladder and urethra, so as to make the urine a more hostile environment for any bacteria. It is further recommended to drink three liters of fluid a day and it may help symptoms to go by flushing out the bladder. Women who have recurrent attacks of cystitis after the menopause often get benefitted from hormone replacement therapy. This therapy is either taken systemically or locally inserted into the vagina. Toilet hygiene is very important and the person should always wipe himself from front to back to avoid transferring bacteria from the bowel to the urethra. Perfumed soaps, vaginal douches, tight jeans and other potential irritants should be avoided.

Since cystitis is often called the 'honeymoon disease' and if the symptoms are associated with making love, always drink a glass of water before intercourse and wash 'down below' before having sex. After intercourse, go to the toilet to wash out any bacteria which may have entered the urethra. A healthy immune system can be maintained by eating a balanced diet and not smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Ultimately, it will help to reduce bladder infections.

In Ayurveda, herbal remedies have been used since ancient times for the cure and treatment of various ailments. Today, natural herbs have become a growing alternative for establishing a healthy body environment.  Herbs have different actions that can affect the bladder such as disinfectants, analgesics and diuretics. Some herbs have been shown to have antimicrobial effects against certain bacteria that cause bladder infections.

Natural herbs can be very effective in resolving urinary tract infections, including cystitis and urethritis. It is important to consult an ayurvedic physician, so as to develop a specific herbal treatment program for the patient. Herbs used to treat cystitis would reduce the inflammation and soothe muscle spasms. They would also increase urine production to flush out the bacterial infection. This way, they can help prevent kidney stone formation. The herbal supplements are antimicrobial diuretics and they help the body control and clear the bacterial infection in a natural way.

Herbal Cure for Cystitis, UTI infections - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

Bladder Problems- Herbs for Urinary Tract-UTI, Urinary Bladder Problems, Incontinence Urinary, Weak Bladder Alternative Remedies


Problems with the bladder and urination may indicate cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder that causes a burning sensation when passing urine. Other bladder problems include frequent urination, or its opposite, stagnation or retention of urine in the blad­der, leading to bladder distension. There may be pain in the bladder area while urinating, a condition called strangury. Let's look at each of these.

Retention of urine in the bladder

In this condition the bladder is distended but the person doesn't pass urine. It may be due to constriction of the urethra, enlargement of the prostate gland, or perhaps a stone in the urethra. The causes may be many, but the cure is simple:

Take two towels or sponges, one dipped in hot water, the other dipped in cool water. About every minute, alternate placing them in the bladder area. This alternation of hot and cold stimulates the bladder, and the person easily passes urine.

If alternating hot and cold compresses isn't completely successful, apply punarnava paste (punarnava powder with sufficient water to make a paste) to the skin directly above the distended bladder. Leave it on for about half an hour.

If the retention is due to stricture (narrowing) in the urethra or enlargement of the prostate gland, then use this formula:

Chanderprabha Vati - Chanderprabha is an excellent natural remedy for bladder atonia, urine retention in bladder, bladder atonia, urethritis, inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract or kidneys, prostate gland enlargement, cystitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and many other diseases of the pelvic organs Read more

Tablets Varunadi Vati - Varunadi Vati is an excellent herbal and natural remedy for strictures in urinary tract, cystitis, kidney failure, renal stones, and other urinary tract problems. It can be taken as 2 tablets thrice daily, with plain water, after meals. Read more

Kidney Support Capsules - Kidney support is another useful herbal product for kidney problems as well as urinary bladder problems. 2 capsules twice- thrice daily is useful in kidney stones, strictures, inflammation in urinary tract, Urinary tract infections and ureteric stones. Read more

Taking these supplements 3 times a day with warm water will help to dilate the stricture or relax the prostate gland and help to restore the easy flow of the urine.


Cystitis causes a burning sensation while urinating. To relieve this condition, drink coriander tea, cumin tea, or fennel tea. Or make a tea of equal proportions of these three herbs. Cumin-coriander-fennel tea is widely used in Ayurveda to relieve irritation of the bladder while passing urine.

You may also find this mixture effective for cystitis:

Bladder Atonia

This is a condition in which the bladder's sphincter loses its tone or strength, and the bladder leaks urine. It is more common among women. A woman may sneeze or cough and inadvertently passes some urine. For this condition, take one handful of white sesame seeds along with t teaspoon of jaggery or natural, unrefined brown sugar, and chew it well, followed by half a cup of water to wash it down. This is a very simple rem­edy to bring tone back to the bladder. Take it once or twice a day until your condition is better.

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