How Ulcerative colitis can be Cured? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Sir

Patient: Hello

Interviewer: I welcome you to the Planet Ayurveda center. Sir, what's your name.

Patient: My name is Ganesh Bhati. I am CA.

Interviewer: From where you have come?

Patient: I am from Mohali. phase 5.

Interviewer: What was your health issue for which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda?

Patient: I had ulcerative colitis problem. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. It was diagnosed by Dr. Sarwal here in Chandigarh after colonoscopy. After that I took treatment from there and I also went outside India to Bahrain where I also took the medicine, their doctors were also very good and they too repeat the same medicine which Dr. Sarwal wrote to me medicines which I took there were mesacol, azoran, or enema. I kept taking all these medicines and in between, I also did 3-4 colonoscopies in 6-7 years. So with this treatment on average I used to remain fine for 5-6 months and in next 5-6 months again I faced same problems such, bleeding, passing stool for 15 times, constipation, uneasiness, I was struggling so much in my life related to my career too. But at that time I saw some Youtube videos of Dr. Chauhan and I was following them. But still I was not having that much believe in Ayurveda being a CA I also have more faith towards allopathy. But when I saw that my problem is still there after 6-7 years of treatment even there was no relief. Although Dr. Sarwal is a very senior and fine doctor. When at last I was not getting proper relief so in the end, I thought why not to give a try to Ayurveda. So keeping all this in mind I came here last month and took appointment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan and shared my problem. I showed all my reports even all my colonoscopies including those which I got done outside India. By seeing all these he recommended medicines to me and all those medicines shown me good result from day one. And after day 4, all my problems were gone. And I was surprised how it happened. And I continued it for 1 month and now I am feeling that I am not having such problems. What is there inside that I don't know but now I am having feeling that my ulcer is totally healed and even Dr. Vikram Chauhan also told that he will totally heal my ulcer and for which it is told in allopathy that ulcer is chronic condition and it cannot be healed and you have to live with it for whole life. But he claimed that he will totally cure my ulcer and i am trusting him for that after seeing the results from day one of his treatment and I am very happy. It is the second visit of mine here at Dr. Vikram Chauhan's clinic. He continued my treatment and my allopathic medicines are reduced to half and within some time he will stop my allopathic treatment.

Interviewer: Since when you are taking medicines from here?

Patient: It's only one month that i am taking medicines from here.

Interviewer: How much percentage of relief you have from these medicines you are taking from here for one month.

Patient: I will say, that I have 95% relief.

Interviewer: You are taking the medicines and will continue for some more time.

Patient: Its only one month and he asked me to continue and even I want to continue them too because I don't want to go back in the same condition again so I too want to continue again.

Interviewer: Sir Diet plays a very important role in ulcerative colitis and even you know too as you have suffered from this problem. So what kind of dietary changes you brought to your diet during this treatment.

Patient: See, I clearly asked Dr. Vikram Chauhan to suggest me the diet so he strictly asked me to stop taking milk, buttermilk, milk products, and cheese. Fried food, junk food, red chili are totally prohibited in this problem. And spices, outside eating all these things are strictly prohibited by him and I am following it strictly. I eat food at home. And other than this he didn't put such restrictions on other things and I am also taking fruits like apple, pomegranate, and am also taking curd too, so this is all.

Interviewer: So any food items or home remedies you might have followed during this treatment and which gave you relief. Like Dr. Recommended taking a decoction of pomegranate skin. So you followed anything.

Patient: I took pomegranate mostly in the morning, also apple, so I usually discontinued milk, milk products, red chilies, spices, fried food, and added pomegranate and taking medicines given by the doctor strictly and am getting good results of all these things.

Interviewer: Sir, there are some viewers who are watching this video at this time so they need hope from you and what message you want to convey them through this video.

Patient: I want to give them only this message that believes in Ayurveda and if you are not getting relief from allopathy, as it is told in allopathy that they don't have treatment for ulcerative colitis and not in India but outside India too when I had word with a doctors they also told that you have to live with this disease and as it has no treatment and you have to take medicines lifelong. Such things made me sad sometimes. As I am still young and have to take these medicines even though I was not getting any relief from them but when I met Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he with lots of confident said that he will totally cure my ulcerative colitis and I showed my confidence in him and within one month I got this much good results so from my side I have only this advice to you people that believe in Ayurveda and meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan and tell him your problem and strictly follow the diet chart and medicines.

Interviewer: Thank you, Sir, for giving you valuable time for our viewers, and giving hope to them.

Patient: Okay. Thank you.


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