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My name is Tanya, 32 years old working in Delhi, my job demands me to travel to work for business meetings so after years of not taking care of skin due to my busy and hectic schedule, my facial skin has shown so many dark spots, wrinkles, a lot of pimples and made the complexion dark and dull and the toxic air pollution and dust have affected my skin which leads to skin irritations. My work demands me to attend various business meetings and I used to feel embarrassed, frustrated and insecure due to sudden pimples, dark spots and blemishes that cover my face. I started using heavy makeup to hide my dark spots, wrinkles and dark circles and over the past decades, I spent a lot of money on anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams with the desire to get back my old, natural and healthy skin. I wondered that how my skin looked fresh, toned and spotless when I was young but it gradually loses its grace, beauty and freshness with age. Lack of self-care, Daily life stress, constant smoking and drinking did more harm to my skin that I could ever imagine. Sun exposure causes my skin to become dull and dark. I tried one method after another but end up with little or no results. I also thought of getting plastic surgery but was afraid to do so, as it would worsen my face and wouldn't provide me the natural look that I always desired. I was hopeless and felt insecure until a few weeks ago, when I came across Planet Ayurveda while searching for some herbal and natural remedies of getting natural and healthy skin. There is plenty of skincare creams out in the market, and most of them are expensive, chemical-laden which promises to get rid of wrinkles in a week or two but doesn't bring the desired results for the long run.

Planet Ayurveda provides the wide variety of herbal products and natural treatments. Using these herbal remedies from Planet Ayurveda helped me to get rid of many skin problems. All the remedies are 100% natural and safe to use as these are all herbal products with no side effects. These products from Planet Ayurveda are made of natural herbs enriched with knowledge of Ayurveda of ages hence help to cure my skin naturally and in a healthy way. It provides your skin inner nourishment and helps you to get the results for the long run. These products are prepared under the strict guidance of ayurvedic experts; and according to the ayurvedic principles.

My journey and experience of using the Planet Ayurveda products is so satisfied and amazing. From the past few weeks I have been using the Planet Ayurveda anti-ageing packs to get rid of wrinkles and dark skin spots. Following are the products that I have been using from the Planet Ayurveda:-

Using these products daily with proper and disciplinary approach made my skin look young and gave me the natural look I have always desired. Also, I have taken a consultation with the Ayurveda experts at Planet Ayurveda regarding Diet and followed the same. These anti-ageing products of Planet Ayurveda helped me to get internal as well as external glow to my skin, get rid of acnes and blemishes by purifying the blood and detoxifying the skin. As it contains natural herbs like rubia cordifolia, lignin which absorbs directly into the skin and Vitamin C ingredients which provide enough nourishment to my skin and make it looks healthy and natural. Their all recommendations including herbal products and diet provided me mesmerizing results. There was my college reunion last week and one of my friends asked me how my face looks so young and natural. I told her that I have been using Planet Ayurveda products and creams which did this miracle to my skin. She has been using it for a while and she is happy with the results. The products are simple to use you have to apply it daily before the bed and before applying the makeup. It contains all types of antioxidants in right concentration. Using Planet Ayurveda products solved my 90% of skin wrinkles, dark spots and pimples removing all signs of sagging and unhealthy skin.

Planet Ayurveda started to share its secret and knowledge into a product that changes the lifestyle of so many people who are so busy to take care of their facial skin and losing confidence and spending countless amount of money on chemical laden creams and products or going for dangerous plastic surgeries to get back their natural skin but doesn't get the desired results for longer period of time and give their face an artificial look.

I couldn't believe my transformation after using anti-ageing skin products of Planet Ayurveda. I honestly appreciate as these products are herbal, cost effective and simple to use. Personally I am very happy with the results which I have always desired i.e.; to make my facial skin look naturally beautiful and healthy. It provides an effective solution for getting young and natural skin. I couldn't explain how confident I feel now when my friends compliment me, and how good I feel when someone finds me attractive and beautiful. I will recommend every office going lady with the busy schedule who doesn't get the enough time to take care of their skin especially facial skin, to try Planet Ayurveda anti-ageing creams, avoid constant smoking, drinking as they do more harm to our skin than we could ever imagine, also practice yoga to get toned skin and get natural look of your face and avoid any side effects (brought by chemically laden expensive products) available in the market. Planet Ayurveda products works as a miracle and provides a solution which is safe and cost next to nothing. Thank you Planet Ayurveda!! God Bless the team who are serving such wonderful herbal products to the people helping them to combat various problems.


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